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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Charmaine Sheh busy filming [Female Constables]

[ 16/11/2010]

TVB anniversary award is going to take place on December 5th. Charmaine Sheh and Sheren Tang are regarded as the main competitors for the Best Actress award. Yesterday, Charmaine accepted an interview on the set of [Female Constables] in Wuxi, Mainland China. She admitted that she felt nervous towards TV Queen award, "We would not face such tremendous pressure if there are no awards." Mentioning her competition Sheren Tang, Charmaine praised her acting in [No Regrets], citing 'powerful eyes expression, very good portrayal as triad Big Sister'. As for recent tabloid articles implying Charmaine attending tycoons' private dinner, Charmaine said: "My conscience stays untainted in spite of rumors and slanders."

Tremendous pressure – hope the award ceremony vanished

Charmaine is currently one of the popular candidates for TV Queen award this year through her role as a sassy princess in [Can’t Buy Me Love]. In the eyes of the public, only 'Miss Nine' (Sheren in No Regrets) can threaten her in the award. Earlier, Sheren expressed that she hopes there can be two winners for TV Queen this year. As for Charmaine: "It'll be nice if there is no award ceremony at all. Actually all actors worked hard on their roles, everyone did a good job. If I'm the jury, I will have a hard time choosing. If there is no award ceremony, then we wouldn't face so much pressure." She feels that the most pressure came from media. "During this period the media will keep asking me whether I have confidence in winning. If I'm in Hong Kong right now, the reporters will ask me everyday, even the taxi driver asked me. You are giving us pressure."

Since [No Regrets] ratings were not as good as [Can't Buy Me Love], does Charmaine feel more confidence in winning awards? She answered: "I don't know about winning awards, leave it to fate. I feel that ratings is not as important as word of mouth (good reviews)." Mentioning her competition Sheren, Charmaine said that she watched [No Regrets], "I feel that she have powerful eyes expression, she performed the role of triad Big Sister very well. If possible, I hope to collaborate with her again."

Deny attending tycoons' dinner, hoping to find new romance next year

Recently, a Hong Kong tabloid exposed a list of actresses attending dinner hosted by tycoons, and implied Charmaine as one of them. At this, Charmaine said: "Hong Kong tabloids are very irresponsible, they simply publish without proofs and this is very unfair to us artistes. We are quite helpless, as we can't control their writings. My conscience stays untainted in spite of rumors and slanders (清者自清)." Regarding the allegation of young actress targeting to marry wealthy husbands, Charmaine expressed: "I prefer to leave it to fate. I don't care about wealth, the most important thing is being happy."

Charmaine frankly said that she is currently single and revealed that her grandmother is pressuring her to get married. "My grandmother is already 96 years old and she keep telling me, 'Quit your job, it's so strenuous. Quickly get married.' She doesn't know how passionate I am toward acting career and it's difficult for me to explain to her." Charmaine is considered one of the 'rumors machine' in TVB, and her rumored partners include Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam, Moses Chan, Ron Ng etc. "Perhaps I've been single for a long time, the outside world are curious about my boyfriend. Actually my love life has always been empty, I hope I can find a new boyfriend in the Year of the Rabbit!" Does she have someone she likes? Charmaine said she doesn't have any candidates and even used her recent co-stars as a shield: "Bobby Au Yeung is married. Though I have collaborated with Raymond many times, he most probably have a girlfriend already."

Costume version of [Armed Reaction], silently admitting that filming fees in Mainland China is twofold

[Female Constables] is dubbed as the costume version of [Armed Reaction]. In the series, Charmaine's role is Lau Ming Yuet; a female employee with eidetic abilities working under Gongsun Che. Her goals are to serve her husband and children. Having a phobia toward knives, she doesn't know how to cook at all. However, due to solving a palace maid murder case, she was bestowed by the Emperor with the position of female constables. When working in the court, Charmaine wore male costumes, which is a huge contrast from her feminine roles in [BTROC] and [CBML]. At this, Charmaine gushes: "I feel very suave, I like this refreshing look."

Charmaine also introduces Bobby's role as Au Yeung Dong, the court attorney. "He taught me martial arts in the series and cured my fear of knifes. However we have only filmed two scenes together, so I don't feel any big difference. I believe his character will greatly influence mine as the story progress."

Charmaine, who rarely films in Mainland China related on how she accepted this series: "Actually we start discussing about this series last year. When I first received the scripts, I felt it's really good with the cases, also a lot of twist and turns. I'm very attracted." There's report indicating that her filming fees in Mainland China are two to threefold of TVB. At this, Charmaine did not deny: "So nice? I'm very satisfied with the filming fees, but of course the most important thing is the script."

Do not repost.

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Since the production has just started filming, I doubt Charmaine will have time to attend TVB anniversary gala and award ceremony. Keep you fingers crossed! (And keep voting for Charmaine, please!)

p.s. Bobby fell sick the 3rd day he arrived, therefore he was not present during media interview. Get well soon, Bobby!

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