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Monday, November 01, 2010

Charmaine Sheh avoid discussing Kevin Cheng at event

[Sinchew, Kwongwah 01/11/2010]

Charmaine Sheh came to Malaysia to promote the skincare brand SKINZ Infinite and received welcome fitting for a princess. More than 10 security guards escorted her to the event held in Kepong, which was fully packed.

She spent time signing autographs, posing for media photos and questions before rushing off to the airport. During the autograph session, a fan tried to touch her chin but luckily was stopped by security.

Mentioning Kevin Cheng (who also visited Malaysia the same day) sending his regards through the media, Charmaine smiled and said "Thank you for his concern!" When asked if she will sms the sick Kevin when she reaches Hong Kong, she expressed that she could sms him now, not necessary in Hong Kong.

Since [Can't Buy Me Love] was loved by audiences, does Charmaine have confidence in winning TV Queen this year? She expressed: "Having confidence or not doesn't matter. The most important is whether audience likes it." At this, fans shouted "Love it!" Charmaine delightedly expressed: "I am very happy that everyone likes it."

Charmaine has just completed filming a new series [Colorful Life of Sister Fa] with Raymond Lam. Asked if she would like to expand her career in movies just like Raymond, she replied: "My schedules are tight! I've just finished filming [Sister Fa], where I portray a girl with mentality of 10 years old. After this I will go to Mainland China with Bobby Au Yeung to film the costume version of [Armed Reaction], called [Female Constables]. Then in February next year, I will be filming [Forensic Heroes 3]. However, I'm keen to filming movies if I have time."

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Video clip credit to HISOING网络媒体 here. More pictures:

Sehseh: Charmaine was sick during the event, it seems that she caught a flu... Get well soon Charmaine!

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