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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Charmaine @ Dayo Wong Talk Show 2009 (DVD cut)

After their successful collaboration last year in [You're Hired], Dayo and Charmaine have become good friends and on-screen partner. Charmaine was seen attending his comedy talk show [哗众取宠] last year along with Catherine Chow, Ada Choi and husband Max Zhang.

Screencaps above credit to 冰寒于雪 from Charmaine Baidu Forum.

Two days ago, Dayo finally released the official DVD for the show and true enough, you can see Charmaine randomly featured in the show as Dayo continues to tease her.

Below are some clips (cut) from the show featuring Charmaine. Credit to 青春染指的温柔flora from weibo:

Clip 1: Charmaine is pretty

In the clip, Dayo was narrating about a pretty girl he knew. He then added "But of course not as pretty as Charmaine Sheh"

Clip 2: Asking for explanation

Dayo was talking about the issue of spinster, and then he teased Charmaine for not clapping. He asked her to explain about the terminology of spinster, which prompted Charmaine to mock throw her boots at him.

Clip 3: Charmaine presenting a rose to Dayo

The closing of the show where Charmaine went onstage to hug and present Dayo with a rose.

p.s. Please vote for Charmaine @ Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2010. Details in the post below.

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