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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sure win for Charmaine Sheh and Raymond Lam at TVB Anniversary Award?

[Singtao 21/10/2010]

Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang were expected to repeat their Best Actor and Best Actress win at TVB anniversary award this year. Unfortunately the premiere rating for anniversary series [No Regrets] was less ideal and lost out to [Can't Buy Me Love]. [NR] on manage to tie with [Mysteries of Love]. This increases the chance of the already popular Charmaine Sheh and Raymond Lam to win TV King and Queen this year.

As TVB 1st Sister, Charmaine is sure to be cast in grand production series. This year she did not disappoint in [CBML], which is also the highest rating series to date. As for the heavily promoted Raymond, his series [MOL] also garnered good ratings and tied with [NR] premiere ratings.

In last year TVB anniversary lighting ceremony, Raymond Lam stood in the 2nd row. This year he was promoted to stand in the same 1st line with Sir Run Run Shaw. Clearly he was heavily promoted.

Recently Raymond and Charmaine are filming TVB series [Colorful World of Sister Fa], which is dubbed as the 'female version of Ah Wong'. In the series, Charmaine portrays a girl with 10 years old mentality and is expected to be as popular as Ah Wong series. As both of them was given heavy emphasis by TVB, they worked extra hard during filming. Being so obedient and sacrificing their well-being for the series, their chances for award have increased greatly.

For the past few years, Raymond was greatly promoted and expanded his career in singing, television and movies. He did not utter a single complaint despite suffering from extreme exhaustion. Earlier while filming [Sister Fa] Raymond aggravated his old neck injury and has to be hospitalized. However, he still has to split his time and traveled to Mainland China to film movie. Even though he was suffocating under the busy schedule, he denies that the company is a slave driver. He only hopes to get proper rest in January next year.

"I don't feel that TVB is a slave driver, it's a good thing to be busier than previous year. The most important thing is balance in work (and rest). I took notice of my health after getting injured and started doing some appropriate amount of exercise. I hope that I can still persevere for another few months. I'm trying my best to get a long holiday break in January next year, maybe for 2 to 3 months to recharge myself before working again. (Have TVB executive Virginia Lok approved it?) Have not said yet! Though I have submitted my leave application, I don't know whether it will be approved or not. Try my best!"

In [Sister Fa], Charmaine plays a retarded girl. In order to give a good portrayal, she meticulously handles every small aspect such as intonation and facial expression. Because of her large eyes, she appeared to be sharp. Hence she constantly reminds herself not to react quickly and maintain a slightly dazed gaze.

Yesterday Raymond, Charmaine, Yoyo Chen and Catherine Chow filmed outdoor scene for [Sister Fa]. The scene is about Charmaine trying to get revenge for her younger sister Toby Leung, where Catherine accompanies her to the car park to prank on Raymond. Not only did they placed a bloodied toy on his car bonnet, they even prepared a bucket of water to splash Raymond. Raymond managed to evade in time, but unfortunately his onscreen girlfriend Yoyo became the victim. Due to the hot temperature in the car park, Yoyo exclaimed 'How refreshing' when she was splashed with water.

Do not repost.

Coming from Singtao, we do not need to take this report of 'sure win' seriously. [No Regrets] have just started to air and I'm sure ratings will increase later. I'm willing to bet in time, tabloids will start writing something like "Lost hope in winning TV Queen, Charmaine Sheh disappointingly films series in Mainland China." Lol...

As a fan, of course I want Charmaine to win. If there is any reason for my bitterness for last year's award, it's because I feel that she was used by TVB to hype up other actresses for anniversary award. Anyway, whatever TVB decides this year, the most important thing is us fans showing support for Charmaine.

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