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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh intimate off-screen, not bothered by rumors

[Source: The Sun, Oriental Daily 16/10/2010]

Last evening, Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh filmed outdoor scenes for their new series. Though the rumored pair doesn't have intimate scenes onscreen, they were quite intimate off-screen. Seeing Raymond unabashedly helping Charmaine to massage her neck, Toby Leung who is also at the scene teased that she won't disrupt them!

Raymond, Charmaine and Toby were filming for their new series [Colorful World of Sister Fa]. In the scene, Raymond dressed up as Prince Charming and drove a nice car to pick up Charmaine. Though they do not have intimate scenes in the series, off-screen Raymond unabashedly massaged Charmaine's neck when they were talking about his neck injuries. Seeing their intimate gesture, Toby laughed and said: "I won't be getting on the car, I know what to do."

Raymond and Charmaine are considered as hot candidates for TV King and Queen Award this year. Pointing out that Fala Chen has joined the challenge as well, Charmaine highly praised Fala: "She is very diligent, a smart girl. Her Cantonese is not fluent; therefore she had to memorize the scripts in pinyin and put more effort than average people. (Do you have confidence?) We'll talk about this later, I don't know if I'm nominated." Raymond who is standing next to Charmaine greatly supports her. He expressed that he is happy with his performances this year and is not too concerned about awards. Toby indicates that she is happy enough with Most Improved nomination.

Regarding the recent discovery of a porn site claiming to release infrared-ray photos (of celebrities) soon, Charmaine feels shocked and urges the government to prohibit the use of infrared-ray cameras. She expressed dismay that artistes now feel uneasy when they appear in public functions.

Do not repost.

Sehseh: Quite misleading title. It's obvious that Raymond and Charmaine is rehearsing a scene in the 1st pic. They're long time friends anyway, so it's not a big deal having friendly skinship off-screen.

I'm absolutely disgusted with the porn sites publishing infrared-ray photos. Hope they can arrest these illegal publications soon.

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