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Saturday, October 02, 2010

[Mingpao Weekly 2186] Charmaine Sheh lost HKD1 million

Credit to ffidd to KuangaiTVB BBS

Since [Can't Buy Me Love] airing, the series topped the ratings in 2010. Apart from 'Princess' Charmaine Sheh and 'Fuma' Moses Chan, the rest of the cast members also experienced increase in popularity. The cast has been making extra money by attending various events. Moses for example earned 7-figure sum by attending 4 events in 2 weeks and filmed 5 advertisements in a month. However, Charmaine is complete opposite by losing out 7-figure sum. What is happening?

Last week, Charmaine Sheh, Selena Li, Matthew Ko and Raymond Wong attended a Mid-Autumn Festival event in a mall and attracted a huge crowd. Charmaine was excited to celebrate with the crowd as she has been cooped up filming in studios for the past few years (during Mid-Autumn Festival). When asked if [CBML] has brought extra income for her, Charmaine indicate that she is currently busy filming new series and will have to wait for free schedule to accept event jobs. At this, her manager commented: "Due to filming series, (we) declined a lot of jobs. The loss is estimated to be about 7-figure sum."

When Charmaine heard this, she look shocked: "I've always asked her (Tina, her manager) not to tell me if she declined jobs for me! Now that I've found out about the 7-figure sum loss, I feel so painful!"

Compared to previous series [Beyond the Realm of Conscience], Charmaine has been earning quite a lot during its airing. It's a great loss for her as she needs to rush filming for [Colorful World of Sister Fa]. This year, Charmaine have filmed more than 110 episodes of series.

Asked if she felt unfair having to sacrifice money earning opportunities, Charmaine said: "I've already accustomed (to this) after all these years. Plus if you have no series airing, then you would not have feedback from audiences. That means there won't be rewards (jobs/event offers). It's already expected to happen."

As [Sister Fa] will be filming until the end of October, Charmaine need to re-adjust her schedule to accommodate Raymond Lam's. In addition, she needs to allocate time to promote [CBML] ending week, which makes it harder for her to earn extra income. "The schedule need to be accommodated by producer and filming crew, therefore I mostly accept jobs that earn the most money in limited time period. For example if I have two days, I will film advertisement. To my knowledge, my manager accepted two advertisement offers in Mainland China for me. In November, I will be filming new series with Bobby Au Yeung. Anyway my schedule was fully utilized and with two Mainland China series this year, my income was considered very good."

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