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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mingpao Artistes Award 2010 (updated)

Closing date: November 3rd, 2010 (Wednesday)

1. Go to the Mingpao link above (open in a new tab or window)

2. You can only vote for ONE person only in the entire award.

3. Charmaine is nominated in the Television: Most Outstanding Actress Award

Charmaine is nominated twice - for her role as Princess Chiew Yeung in [Can't Buy Me Love] and Lau Sam Ho in [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]

To avoid dividing the votes, please vote for Princess Chiew Yeung [CBML] - 1st choice shown in image above.

4. Fill up the form below.

For the ID section, key in the 5 first number, including the alphabet. For example, you will have to key D5510 (refer to the sample below)

To download the ID generator:

a) Select Hong Kong from the scroll bar.
b) Click 产生 button to generate ID number
c) Copy the 5 first number, including the alphabet.
(Ignore the 8 digit command, because I was too lazy and re-used the same guide pic from Next Media award, keke)

For phone number, enter any 8 digit starting with either 2, 6, 8 or 9.

Put in any HK address (just Hong Kong is good enough)

5. To confirm your votes, click on the lower left button.

If your vote is successful, the page will refresh into a Thank You page with message:


Winners will be announced on November 15th, 2010.

p.s. You can vote as many time per day as you like ;)

Mingpao is one of the more established and credible Hong Kong news portal and magazine, therefore it's a significant award. Thank you for supporting Charmaine!


Qingwa said...

Already vote, and translated into Thai. (I dont' forget to credit to sehseh's blog) :D

And thank you for translation of weibo, very useful to me and my friends who don't understand Chinese.

sehseh said...

Hi Qingwa, thank you for translating in Thai and sharing with other Thai fans to support Charmaine! Appreciate it :)

You can translate the news in my site to Thai if you want, just credit me as source or link back is good enough.

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