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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Happy ending for [Can't Buy Me Love]

[Apple Daily, Mingpao, Oriental Daily 05/10/2010]

Last evening, [Can't Buy Me Love] finally aired its ending episode. The ratings is good and manage to defeat [Mysteries of Love] as the series with best ratings this year.[CBML] ratings has always been steady and they greatly promote the final week by organizing an event a Taipo Grandmall to watch the ending alongside audiences. The scene where the three couples - Moses and Charmaine, Kenneth Ma and Fala Chen, Raymond Wong and Linda Chung getting married peaked 45 points (2.87 million audiences). The average ratings is 42 points (2.68 million audiences tuning in).

As for last Friday and Saturday, [CBML] peaked at 37 and 36 points respectively. With total average rating of 34 points, [CBML] is now the highest rated series in 2010:

1st place [Can't Buy Me Love] 34 points
2nd place [Mysteries of Love] 32 points
3rd place [A Pillow Case of Mystery 2] 31 points

Charmaine Sheh attends Kiki Sheung's wedding party

[Oriental Daily, The Sun, Apple Daily, Mingpao 05/10/2010]

On Sunday evening, Kiki Sheung held her wedding reception at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Wanchai and invited many guests from entertainment circle. Due to schedule clash in promoting the ending episode of [Can't Buy Me Love], Charmaine Sheh and Louis Yuen could only reach the banquet around 11pm. Afterward, they head off to Emperor Happy Valley Hotel where Kiki threw another after party to entertain her close friends. Charmaine rumored ex-boyfriend Kevin Cheng also attended both wedding reception and after party. According to insiders, they did not interact with each other.

Charmaine left the after party by taxi around 3:20am, accompanied by friends. As she was slightly drunk, she lowered her head to avoid her face being pictured by the press.

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