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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Charmaine Sheh forced to be absent from Kiki Sheung's wedding banquet

[Oriental Daily 03/10/2010]

Today is Kiki Sheung and Lee Wai Seng wedding day and they will be holding a banquet inviting family and friends tonight. However, coincidentally [Can't Buy Me Love] grand finale is going to be held at shopping mall this evening, causing Charmaine Sheh, Louis Yuen and other cast unable to attend the banquet. With two big party 'fighting' for people, producer Mui Siu Ching resolved the issue by specially arranged for [CBML] cast to record a live congratulation clip to be aired during Kiki's wedding banquet.

The 48 year old Kiki Sheung and her boyfriend of 4 years Lee Wai Seng will be tying the knot today. The couple will be hosting a 50 table wedding banquet at the 5-star Grand Hyatt Hotel in Wanchai tonight. As the bride, Kiki will be wearing traditional 'Kua', western wedding dress and also evening dress. Coincidentally, series [Can't Buy Me Love] ending episode is also being aired tonight; therefore the cast have to attend a two hour event at Taipo Grandmall to promote the finale. Charmaine and other cast are unable to attend the wedding banquet.

As a good friend of Kiki, Charmaine once said that she will attend the wedding even if she had to wear her series costume. As for Louis who is supposed to be emcee at Kiki's wedding joked that it'll be more interesting if he could wear his costumes onstage at her wedding. However, TVB could not afford losses for [CBML] ending, hence they have no choice but to 'steal' people from Kiki's wedding. In order to maintain the happy atmosphere for both parties, producer Mui Siu Ching specially arranged for [CBML] cast to record a congratulatory clip during the event and have it aired live in Kiki's wedding banquet as a gift to the newlywed. Also, the audience can enjoy both the series ending and share Kiki's happiness.

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Sehseh: Congratulations to Kiki Sheung and her hubby!


alicechen said...

Congrats to Kiki and her husband!!

Hacken's message is super adorable!! They're such good friends. Hope the ratings will be explosive too!!

hyn5 said...

Charmaine and Louis made an appearance at Kiki's wedding banquet after "Can't".

It was very unfortunate how the artistes "had to work" and miss out on Kiki's wedding. Yet, Catherine Tsang and Virginia Lok went to Kiki's wedding.

Mui Siu Ching just wanted the ending of "Can't" get high ratings. Sad!

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