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Thursday, October 07, 2010

[Can't Buy Me Love] cast celebrates high ratings

[Takungpao, Mingpao 07/10/2010]

Yesterday, the cast of [Can't Buy Me Love] such as Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Linda Chung, Lee Heung Kam etc attended the celebration party held at TVB city. The ending episode received high ratings and producer Mui Siu Ching announced that they will be filming a sequel in mid 2011. Charmaine hope that [CBML] will be able to film sequel. Veteran actress Lee Heung Kam refutes rumors that she is retiring earlier. She said that she will continue to film series, she is happy even if it's just 2-3 episodes.

Earlier, [CBML] aired its finale live at Taipo Grandmall. Yesterday, TVB specially organized a celebration party at TVB city and announced that (live streaming MyTV) received ratings of 9 points. Combining the ratings from, [CBML] accumulated peak rating for the ending is 51 points, with total of 3.25 million viewers. The series also held the highest record in 2010 to date; therefore the cast opened champagne in celebration.

Producer Mui Siu Ching revealed that the soonest [CBML] filming a sequel will be in mid 2011, because she is currently committed to another series. "I enjoyed working with the cast, hope we can collaborate again soon." She expressed that she originally intended to produce a sequel for [Beyond the Realm of Conscience], but now she is more inclined toward [CBML] sequel. Regarding Kam Jie earlier statement of considering early retirement, she said: "We filmed happily, everyone is like family. Therefore I will be happy even if it's just 2-3 episodes. I won't retire as long as I can participate in Mui Siu Ching series!"

When asked which sequel Charmaine preferred to film first, she smiled and said it's difficult to choose. "I'm happy with [CBML] good results, but it's difficult to choose between [CBML] and [BTROC]. For [CBML], it's development is limited because the Princess is no longer a shrew and fighting with Fuma. However if it's a new storyline with same cast, I believe there will be different sparks. Filming [BTROC] is not as happy because it's not a comedy series. Playing a villain in the sequel will have more breakthroughs. My personal preference is comedy though."

Is she feeling more confidence toward TVB award end of this year? "I'll leave it to fate." Pointing out that many behind the scene people are praising [No Regrets], Charmaine graciously replied that she is also anticipating the series. She revealed that she religiously followed [Rosy Business] during its airing as she was on holiday break. Is Sheren Tang her biggest competitor for Best Actress award? Charmaine smiled and said: "It's great that TVB is producing good series, the more good series in competition, the better it is. We are all competing healthily and the audiences are happy."

Mentioning some reports saying that she was drunk at Kiki Sheung's wedding reception and ignored rumored ex-boyfriend Kevin Cheng, she explained that she was not drunk and felt helpless at such report. "I attended the party that evening and spoke to many people. It's a happy occasion for colleagues!"

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Sehseh: Truth to be told, I find it quite lame of TVB to add MyTV 9 points to the ratings. If they insist, then they should announce the same for other series in 2010. [CBML] have enough merit on its own with 45 points. I admit that at first I have low expectation for the series - but the storyline does have a 'heart', especially toward the ending week. It should not be compared with [No Regrets], because it's a different genre and [CBML] is a better TVB comedies in recent years (though I still prefer You're Hired].

[CBML] is a fluffy series (hey, they never claimed to be intelligent), and it's a good one.

p.s. Siu Ching Jie, we know you love Charmaine - but I sincerely hope that Charmaine get the opportunity to work with different producers, instead of being recycled by you annually.

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Qingwa said...

I agree with you 100% sehseh.

As much as I love BTROC and CBML, I don't want to see sequel.

Happy ending already capture in my heart and I don't want to see the other story in the same series.

Change story and the name of the series is ok with me, just right BTROC and CBML they're totally different story and I feel good.

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