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Monday, October 04, 2010

[Can't Buy Me Love Big Reunion] Finale Special

Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh see each other as potential TV King and Queen, promised to wear swimwear if ratings break 50 points.

[Mingpao 04/10/2010]

Popular TVB series [Can't Buy Me Love] aired its last episode last night. The series cast Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Fala Chen, Lee Heung Kam etc attended the finale special [Can't Buy Me Love Big Reunion] held at Taipo Grandmall. They attracted over thousand audiences to watch the ending, packing the mall. Moses and Charmaine see each other as potential TV King and Queen, Moses even promising to appear in swimwear if ratings break 50 points. As Charmaine and Louis Yuen couldn't attend Kiki Sheung's wedding, they sent well wishes via live streaming.

Almost the entire cast of [CBML] attended the event last night, excluding Linda Chung who was not in Hong Kong. They cheered slogans onstage and Louis took the opportunity to express auspicious wishes using the name of Kiki's series, while Charmaine the 3rd Princess wished Kiki and long and blissful marriage.

When asked if she have confidence in [CBML] receiving ratings of 50 points like [JITP] and [BTROC], Charmaine replied that they will try the best. Mentioning the threat of upcoming series [No Regrets], she generously indicate that she looked forward to Cheung Wah Biu's script as they have worked together previously in [Seven Sisters] and she admires his writing. Is she worried that Sheren Tang will threaten the spot of TV Queen? She feels that we shouldn't regard it this way, she like to see TVB producing more series as she followed them too. Regarding rumored ex-boyfriend Kevin Cheng positive outlook of her winning TV Queen, she said 'Thank you'. At this moment, Moses approached and said that Charmaine will definitely win TV Queen. Charmaine returned the favor and supported Moses to win TV King.

Moses expressed that if the ratings reach 50 points, he promised to wear bikinis together with his 'brothers' Louis and Raymond Wong, while Charmaine will wear bikini top. Charmaine laughed and said that she look forward seeing Moses in swimwear. Asked if they would like to film a sequel or modern version, they replied that they will be happy with both, but feel that modern series is not as exciting as costume series.

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Watch the finale special here:
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Charmaine: "The crow keep moving!" Lol....

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