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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Calling out to fans attending Charmaine's SKINZ event

Since not all fans know how to read Chinese or have access to forum, I'll will be posting the announcement made by 小蕊.

Note: Appreciate if you could read the post below thoroughly first before asking any questions.

Calling out to all Malaysia fans, Charmaine will be having events in Malaysia on 30th and 31st October in Ipoh, Penang and Kepong respectively.

As the Malaysia leader is currently busy with her exams, she is unable to attend. Thus, I'll (小蕊) be doing the collation here for the fans on different days.

If you are going, please sign up here in the form below:

Email address:
The event that you will be attending: (Penang / Ipoh / Kepong)

After collating, the time and place to meet will be stated here for the different events. Thank you!

I know that there is another forum calling for fans too, but we are the official fan club, please differentiate, thank you!

A few important points to clarify:

  • You do not need to register as official fanclub member to attend the event(s)

  • We suggest to wear Pink color t-shirt to the event(s). Pink is the official fanclub color.

  • The fanclub is simply gathering fans to show support to Charmaine together, you can still attend the event on your own if you wish to.

Please don't keep asking what is the purpose of this 'registering' - we are not registering anything as the event is open to public. The fanclub purpose to gather Charmaine fans to show support together at the event. I already repeat this many times in my post, email, cbox, twitter. The fanclub is also not asking for money, commitment etc - so you have nothing to lose! Hope this clarifies.

Anyone are interested to attend the event(s) above with us, kindly email me at and I'll forward your contact details to for further arrangement. Please put the subject title to 'SKINZ Oct event' so I'll be able to sort out quickly.

Thank you and looking forward receiving your response soon!

p.s. For fans information, Ivy is the leader of Malaysia branch fanclub. We know there is some dude out there claiming to be fanclub leader and asking fans to wear red - please note that Tina (Charmaine's manager) and Charmaine Official Fanclub have no affiliation with him.

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