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Saturday, September 18, 2010

TVB impose gag order regarding Stephen Chan corruption case

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[Mingpao 18/09/2010]

(Note: I only translated parts related to Charmaine)

The news of ICAC officially charging TVB General Manager Stephen Chan with corruption has shocked the entire city. However, this time TVB did not close TVB city and continue to allow reporters to enter and interview their artistes. There was a rumor that the acting General Manager Lee Poh On sent out gag order to artistes via email. TVB admits that they have issued an internal memo ordering everyone to keep their mouth shut, especially those involved with the case.

Among the fadans involved with Stephen Chan corruption case are: Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, Sharon Chan, Shirley Yeung, and Skye Chan. It was alleged that Stephen has abused his position to cheat event fees from them. Yesterday, the fadans continue their work as usual, except Sharon Chan. Regarding the rumor that Wayne Chan is on the witness list expected to appear in court, he expressed that he will provide cooperation as a good citizen.

Yesterday besides Sharon, the other 4 appeared in public and went to work as usual. Another rumor started saying that Wayne Lai is on the list of witnesses in court, he expressed that he'll be a good responsible citizen by cooperating with the investigation.

Charmaine: Basically the case has already entered the judicial process, therefore it's not convenient for us to talk about it. I learned about the news through TV. (TVB issuing gag order?) The company is just trying to protect us. Our managers also mentioned it to us before. (Will you call Mr Chan to comfort him?) ... Thank you!"

TVB Foreign Affairs Deputy Director Tsang Sing Ming expressed: "Because the case has already entered judicial process, whatever everyone says and information may affect the development (of the case), therefore the company issued an internal memo to protect every aspect. This is just a polite reminder, quite common. If is not suitable for anyone to give comment regarding the case charges. (Will Mona Fong testify at court?) We really do not know who is being summoned to testify, these are all speculations and not necessarily the truth. (What will happen to Stephen Chan?) We will announce later, depending on the progress of the case."

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