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Thursday, September 30, 2010

[Next Magazine Issue 1073] Battle for the TV Queen

Since this is a tabloid magazine (mostly playing up Charmaine versus Sheren), I will summarize the main points and translate Charmaine's response.

• Charmaine was tipped to be the prime candidate for Best Actress award for this year’s TVB anniversary award
• [Can't Buy Me Love] garnered good ratings, with average of 33 points and is very popular with audiences.
• Veteran actor Chow Yun Fatt openly praised Charmaine and Moses for their performance in [CBML]
• Charmaine was rumored to earn HKD2.8 million by filming the upcoming 30 episode Mainland China series [Female Constables].
• Charmaine also accepted two Mainland China advertisements and increased her earnings to HKD7 million in a few months.

Regarding the Best Actress (TV Queen) award, Charmaine feel that it is too early to say:

"Whoa, it's two months away. Plus, a lot of series have not been aired yet, therefore we don't know about the competition. Winning an award or not is not too important. I find the audience reception more important than awards. I feel satisfied that the series is popular among audiences. Everywhere I go, people will treat me like princess and loudly announced 'The Princess arrived!'. This made me very happy. (Do you have confidence in winning TVB Queen again?) I've not thought about being confident or not. After so many unhappy incidences such as floods, earthquakes, Philippines bus hostage, my focus is not on the award. Instead, I feel we should treasure every day and think about living meaningfully. I'm more concerned about this."

Do not repost. Pictures credit to Ent 163.

p.s. I will try to translate at least one of the previous interview article(s) by this weekend.

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