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Friday, September 03, 2010

Fantaken pics: [Sister Fa] outdoor filming 02/09/2010

Whose on the motorbike? Posed to seduce? Lol...

Note: Contained some spoilers

Yes, that's Raymond Lam. For those born before 90's, you might find Ray's wardrobe and motorbike very familiar... it's actually a parody of Andy Lau's classic [天若有情 A Moment of Romance]!

According to what Charmaine told visiting fans in Hengdian, [A Moment of Romance] is Sister Fa (Charmaine) favorite movie, especially the scene where Andy broke the glass to steal a wedding dress for Wu Chien-Lien. She also likes humming the themesong.

Earlier I posted some outdoor filming pics of Ray 'robbing' a store, now I understand why. I guess Ray's character in the series wanted to impress Sister Fa, therefore he tries to re-enact classical scenes from the movie.

Pictures credit to 小小_亞熊 from weibo. Special thanks to mini0927 for the movie tips.

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