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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Charmaine Sheh hopes that new series will convey positive energy

[Source: Mingpao, Takungpao 01/09/2010]

Yesterday, Charmaine Sheh accepted interview from CRHK radio station. She revealed that the ratings for new series [Can't Buy Me Love] averaged at 33 points and peaked at 37 points. Regarding some audiences complaining of airing [CBML] right after the Philippines tour bus tragedy, she indicate that it's TVB decision - perhaps they were unable to change the schedule at such short notice. She stressed: "Hope that [CBML] will keep conveying positive energy to comfort everyone in the time of sadness." She hopes that [CBML] ratings will be able to reach 50 points like [BTROC]. Earlier Louis Yuen declared that he would ask the female cast to wear male swimming trunks if the average ratings reached 50 points. Charmaine laughed: "I will need to discuss with Kam Jie (Lee Heung Kam) and Susanna Kwan first."

Charmaine expressed [CBML] will be having another promotional activity later and she is not embarrassed meeting Moses Chan. Allegedly, Charmaine went to film series in Mainland China after being emotionally hurt in love. Charmaine replied that she wasn't in Hong Kong, therefore she has no idea about the report. She also revealed that she is portraying a girl with mentality of a 10 years old in new series [Colorful World of Sister Fa]. Due to her 'child' role, she only applied a little foundation and appearing almost make-up less in the series. As she need to reveal her 'true face’ onscreen, she has been applying a lot of facial mask lately.

Mentioning rumored ex-boyfriend Kevin Cheng birthday earlier, Charmaine said that she did not give any presents, just a congratulatory sms. Kevin replied 'Thank you'.

[Can't Buy Me Love] cast continues promoting the series

[Source: Singtao, Apple Daily 01/09/2010]

Yesterday, Charmaine Sheh attended 3 venues in a row to promote her new series [Can't Buy Me Love]. After appearing in CRHK radio interview, she joined the cast in a charity show, and then the recording of [Super Trio Game Master].

Charmaine was a little worried of aggravating old injuries while playing the games on [Super Trio]. Moses Chan, who rushed back from outdoor filming indicate that Eric Tsang and Chin Kar Lok are fond of him, therefore he would not be too worried. When asked how would he celebrate if [CBML] ratings reached 50 points, Moses said he’s fine with any arrangement. Hearing this, Louis Yuen immediately exclaimed that Moses will be wearing bikini while making coffee. Moses blushed with embarrassment and expressed confidence that the ratings will continue to increase.

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Charity autograph event
Super Trio recording @ TVB8
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