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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Charmaine Sheh doesn't treat Raymond Lam gently

[Source: Oriental Daily, The Sun, Singtao 08/09/2010]

Yesterday morning, Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh appeared in Kennedy Town Praya to rush filming for their new series [Colorful World of Sister Fa]. Portraying as a pair of lovers, they chased each other around the street. Raymond, who was earlier hospitalized for cervical displacement had to take off his neck brace for filming. Perhaps being too engrossed in filming, 'Sister Fa' Charmaine keep chasing after Raymond and pushing his shoulders, almost causing him to be injured again. When the camera stopped rolling, Raymond was seen holding his neck with a painful expression.

Later, Raymond will be heading off to Mainland China to film Ching Siu Tung's movie [The Legend of the White Snake]. He is looking forward to his role as Hui Sin. Mentioning his recent injury and hospitalization, Raymond joked that other casts were worried that it might affect their filming progress. Standing next to him, Charmaine jokingly expressed that she doesn't mind at all, as Raymond hospitalization gave her a day off. During filming, a school bus passed by the area and two female students rushed off the bus to get Raymond's autograph. Plenty of onlookers requested to take pictures with the duo, which they happily complied.

Additional translation from Singtao:

As Charmaine appeared in a short hairdo, some onlookers mistook her as Carina Lau instead. She just embarrassingly smiled back at them. Before filming, Charmaine keep wiping her nose with a tissue, seemingly feeling unwell. During filming breaks, she will take coffee to reinvigorate herself. When asked if she is worried of aggravating Raymond’s neck injuries, she said: "Of course, therefore I'm very careful during filming. He has to maintain a good health to ensure a smooth filming progress. (Will you teach him how to make nutritious soup?) There's no need, I'm sure he knows how to."

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Poor Charmaine... she has been suffering from flu for the past few days. Hope she will get well soon! Also, I've updated Charmaine's flight schedule to Seoul.

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