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Friday, September 10, 2010

Charmaine @ Cha Siu Yan radio interview 31.08.2010

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  • [Can't Buy Me Love] have four important messages to give to the audience: 'Give Hope', 'Give Convenience', 'Give Happiness' and 'Give Confidence'.
  • The Gum family cast members like to eat - Susanna will bring fruits and snacks, Moses brought his personal coffee maker and makes new variety of coffee every day, Louis will cook soup, while Raymond Wong will provide soup ingredients (because his family owns a dried seafood/nutrition shop). Charmaine and Lee Heung Kam will treat sweet dessert and food delivery such as pizza.
  • Regarding rumors with Moses, Charmaine was surprised that it took so long to start, since they filmed many series together in the past. Elaine Cha: "Back then, Kevin Cheng is not in the picture yet." Charmaine: "But there's already Bernice Liu back then. Lol..."
  • Charmaine agrees that not everyone will like the 'exaggerated comedy' in the series, but she hopes the series will gradually change their perception.
  • Due to the popularity of [CBML] Charmaine has received many job event offers. However, it's hard for her to accommodate free schedule.
  • Her income up to September 2010 has already surpassed her total income in 2009.
  • Charmaine might not be attending TVB anniversary award this year as she will be filming [Female Constables] in Wuxi, Mainland China from mid November 2010 to February 2011.
  • Charmaine has been paying 6 figure sum income tax for the past few years. During the first time, Charmaine had to borrow money from her friends to pay income tax as she was unprepared. Afterward, she learned to save up for it.
  • Currently, Charmaine has no urges to have children, so she's not rushing for marriage. She doesn't mind marrying someone from the entertainment circle or not, as long as they communicate well and comfortable together.
  • To her, the worst filming condition to date is [Dance of Passion], as she had to withstand water shortage (with sand filled body). However, she find the filming very memorable.
  • After 13 years in entertainment circle, Charmaine learned 'letting go' when it comes to tabloids. Fala Chen also shared her frustration with Charmaine. They get along very well due to their similar, straight forward personalities.
  • To Charmaine, so far Roger Kwok has the highest EQ. He has no temper or complaints whatsoever. During filming [Justice, My Foot!], they stayed in a hotel where plenty of noisy tourist moving in and out on the same floor. After half a month, Charmaine finally couldn't stand it and requested to switch hotel. Roger agreed to move along with her. Because he was busy filming, Charmaine chose his new room for him and he thanked her for the better condition. When Charmaine complained at Roger because he chose their former hotel, he just kept quiet.
  • In [Sister Fa], Charmaine is portraying a girl with mentality of 10 years old. The biggest challenge was being labeled as 'Female Ah Wong' even before filming begins. The script increased her character to 10 years old, so she have some concept about love (since children nowadays mature early).
  • Roger provided Charmaine with some useful advise on how to handle a mentally challenged character.
  • Charmaine has already gotten used to people calling her '底B妹' (retarded girl) without getting offended. She also does not wear any make up in the series.
  • The most memorable scenes in [CBML] is where Charmaine had to divorce Moses (spoilers). It was a sad scene, everyone cried filming that scene. There's also another touching prison scene.
  • Louis claimed that if [CBML] average rating reached 50 points, the female cast will wear men swimming trunks. Charmaine joked that she need to discuss with Susanna and Lee Heung Kam first.

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