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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Voting collaboration with Han Hyo Joo fans @ SDA


Primeo from Han Hyo Joo soompi forum have approached us for a mutual voting collaboration:

Hello Charmaine fans, I'm a member from Hyo Joo's soompi forum. We would like to collaborate with you all on the SDA voting. Instead of selecting No Korea Star Vote or No Hong Kong Star Vote respectively, we would like to suggest selecting both for a win-win situation. Thanks to all who are willing to help. Voting a Korea Star would not affect your vote for Charmaine and vice versa because they are from different nations/category and not competing with one another.

After giving some consideration to Primeo's suggestion and reading some positive feedback at Soompi forum, I feel that it will be beneficial for fans on both side to collaborate. It will definitely help increases Charmaine's ranking as well. While it will be impossible to guarantee 1:1 vote exchange between fans, I trust that Hyo Joo soompi fans will be committed to this collaboration.

Please do not waste your votes - let's continue supporting Charmaine and Han Hyo Joo too.

For voting guide, please refer to the link below:

p.s. Charmaine's nominated for [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]. Let us fans make it up for her, since TVB shamelessly sacrificed her at anniversary last year to promote another actress.


Qingwa said...

I'll ask Charmaine's fans and Han Hyo Joo's fans in Thailand to join 'voting collaboration' too.

Qingwa said...

Huray, I can leave comment in your blog.

I just download firefox. :D Hehe can vote more for Charmaine and can leave comment. (When I use IE, i can't leave comment!) >-<

sehseh said...

Hi Qingwa, thank you for your support! Hehehe my blog works better in Firefox ;)

乐萍 said...

I am a Hyo Joo's fan from China, we have bagan voting for Charmaine at the same time,thank you for Charmaine's fans collaboration.

sehseh said...

Hi 乐萍, 孝珠fans are welcomed here. Good luck with voting!


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