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Monday, August 30, 2010

Upcoming project: [带刀女捕快] aka Female Constables

Charmaine will be filming in a Mainland China series [带刀女捕快] (tentative title: Female Constables) with Bobby Au Yeung in November 2010. The series will be produced by Shanghai Triple-A media and directed by Kwong Yip Sang.

Kwong Yip Sang is ex-TVB producer (among his notable works are Armed Reaction, PITNOL, The Legendary 4 Aces, Take My Word For It). This mainland series is dubbed to be the costume version of [Armed Reaction].

So far, no further news regarding the plot or other leads have been revealed. Yesterday, the production company released some posters (albeit badly photoshopped). Please note that the cast (aside from Bobby & Charmaine) has not been confirmed, neither did they took part in any costume fitting yet. Hence, the poster is not official, just for early promotional purposes.

The above is the lead characters brief description (there will be two male leads and two female leads). Clockwise from top left:

Lau Ming Yuet (female constable) - Gentle and virtuous, meticulous and pay attention to details. Optimistic and self-satisfied.

Au Yeung Shing Nam (female constable) - Straightforward, easy going, upholds justice. Tomboy who likes to dress like guys.

Zhan Zhao (head constable) - Chauvinistic, stubbornly honest, powerful martial arts, handsome (yes, THE Zhan Zhao in every version of Justice Bao must be good looking, lol)

Au Yeung Dong (famous lawyer) - Daring and open minded. Eloquent. Knowledgeable about all sorts of weapons.

You can start guessing which female constable role Charmaine will be taking ;)

Below are the 'posters' and also the candidates for Zhan Zhao. Please take with a grain of salt, usually these kind of candidate list are used to hype the series, not necessary the real thing.

Images credit to iamjason weibo

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1 comment:

alicechen said...

I hope she plays Au Yeung Shing Nam! She sounds like a hot-headed character. haha XD Lau Ming Yuet sounds like a pretty name though... =D

Zhan Zhao...hmm Wallace Chung? He's handsome! I always wanted Charm to collaborate with him. keke

The second poster looks so real. Love Charm's hairstyle.

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