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Sunday, August 29, 2010

[TVB Weekly Issue 688] Can't Buy Me Love - Pure Source of Laughter

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Charmaine Sheh - Potential for being spoiled

She may have brought a spoiled princess to life, but here's not need to suspect that Charmaine herself have 'Princess Syndrome'. She is only professional bringing forth the potential within herself. "I feel that everyone have multiple personalities within oneself. Some people will rather hide it and rarely reveal them. An actor will be able to bring forward different personalities and share with the audiences. This time I picked the spoiled personality, it's quite fun actually."

Though she is spoiled, she is adorable as well. This is because Princess Chew Yeung is naturally kind, "She only suffers from 'princess syndrome', she was spoiled rotten but she never thought of harming anyone. In addition, the plot won't go over the line (with her brashness). The princess is very imposing every time she makes an entrance. Even though she married into the Gum family, she brought more than 1000 servants along with her, so grand. I really enjoyed my character as a princess, because I have the company of Fala Chen; who portrayed my handmaiden, and also Linda Chung. We're really friendly and happy together. However, it takes a lot of energy and spirit to portray Princess Chew Yeung. This is because every time she appears, she will create troubles, never once she appear quietly. Most scenes are arguing scenes, in addition she have a sharp tongue; which non-stop scolding people. Basically I need to take a break after I filmed an argument scene with Moses."

Both Fala Chen and Linda Chung admires Charmaine's professionalism :)

Fala: "Charmaine is a really experienced actress, she will rehearse with fellow cast members and help each other to figure to best way to act the scene. She lead me into the scene, the results is really wonderful. This is my first time working with Charmaine, I'm really fond of her because our personalities are quite similar; tough and straightforward. Therefore we communicate well. In work, I admire her serious attitude, and also good acting skills. She also know how to handle the media questions, considerate, high EQ. All these are prime examples I want to follow. After our collaboration, we became good friends who often keep in contact."

Linda: "I'd rather be a commoner outside the series. This is because the script for princesses is really refined, I had a hard time memorizing them. Therefore I really admire Charmaine."

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