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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Translations: Charmaine TVB blog clips

At Mochi's special request, here's the translation of Charmaine & Raymond's interview clip(s) @ [Colorful World of Sister Fa] in their respective TVB Blog:

Charmaine clip 1

In [Sister Fa], I will be portraying a girl with mentality of 10 years old. She is optimistic and cheerful. In her world, everything is simple and beautiful. Basically she doesn't have any conflict. Therefore she is quite a lovable girl. But the difficulties in portraying this character is that I'm physically in my 30's. Therefore I thought very long on how to convince the audience that I am 10 years old. I try figuring it out for 3-4 weeks. Earlier, I went to a special school and spent a day with special children with mentality of 10 years old. I observed their common habits and traits. Sometimes when they are talking, they will hang (long pause) for a while to process their thoughts. For example, if you asked them what's on TV, they can answer you immediately. But when you ask them about where they live, how many siblings they have, they will pause a while to process the answer. I feel that I can apply this into my character. I hope my performance in [Sister Fa] will bring a refreshing feeling to audiences.

Charmaine clip 2

(Cast she have most scene with) That will be Raymond Lam. In the beginning, he keep pulling pranks on me. Afterward we started to have feelings, and perhaps romance too. Also... the closest will be Toby Leung and Jazz Lam. They are my younger brother and sister in the series. My family are very protective of me. Basically the people around me protects and did not look down on me. They will help me. It's a warm family.

Raymond clip

In this series, my character... is one of the most annoying role to date. In the past I have portrayed useless rich heir before, but at least they have ambitions and ideas, aside from being playful. However my current role have none of those. Only enjoys life, no life aspirations at all. He doesn't need to work at all. Of course he will learn his lessons and he will meet Charmaine. From someone who keep bullying her to slowly having feelings for her later. Actually, it has been a few years since I last collaborated with Charmaine. Our new collaboration is quite cute, her character is outstanding. Charmaine definitely fits the requirement of being cute. The difficult part is holding my laughter. Because Charmaine is really too cute in the series, while my character need to show an annoyed expression. The results is very satisfying, we feel that it's quite refreshing.

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Extra: Charmaine, Raymond & Yoyo filming outdoor scenes

Credit to Cissy_22 and aufocus weibo account

Lol... why is Raymond wearing a mask and holding a knife? Trying to rob the store?

Added: Fanart by @yusheh (weibo)

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