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Thursday, August 19, 2010

NST Beauty and travel: Charmaine Sheh

[Source: New Straits Times Malaysia 19/08/2010]

Hong Kong's actress Charmaine Sheh Sze Man shares with WENDY WONG her likes and dislikes about travel.

ONE of Hong Kong's hottest TVB actresses, Charmaine Sheh Sze Man, was in town recently for the official signing of an exclusive contract as the international ambassador Skinz preventive anti-ageing skincare range, Skinz Infinite.

Sheh started her entertainment career after she emerged second runner-up in the Miss Hong Kong 1997 beauty pageant contest. She was offered a contract to join TVB, Hong Kong largest TV network. She went on to star in many TV series, movies and won many awards. In an interview, Sheh says that she loves traveling.

Describe Your Best Holiday

That would be in Europe. I was enthralled by its history and building architecture, especially the churches. I had a special feeling when I visited Europe. I loved Rome and visited the bull fighting arenas. My imagination went wild when I entered the arena — I could hear the roar of the crowd, feel the intensity of a bull fight and imagine what had happened there before.

Tops On Must-see List

Greece. I have heard so much about it and will definitely visit it

Your Worst Holiday

I don’t have any bad holiday memory but I dislike doing travel programmes where one goes on a tour to introduce the places of interest. I find it too hectic.

Once, I did a travel programme on Korea. I stayed for six days and had to stay in five different hotels!

Initially, I thought it would be fun but it ended up being too hectic as I had to pack up and be on the move every now and then and the schedule involved a whole day. After that, I don’t host travel programmes anymore.

Must-bring Stuff On Holidays

Hydrating mask and everything else for my daily facial regime.

What You Avoid On A Holiday

A hectic programme because when I am on holiday, it must be relaxing.

Pet Hates On Holidays

Nothing! It means that I have free time for myself and my loved ones.

Who You Would Love To Sit Next To In A Plane

Brad Pitt.


Sehseh: Brad Pitt, who wouldn't?

I will be on hiatus starting tomorrow till Sunday, as I'm heading off somewhere and would not have much time to access internet. Be good while I'm gone, ok?

Meanwhile, please continue to vote for Charmaine and Han Hyo Joo (Korea) at Seoul Drama Awards 2010!


Funn Lim said...

I find bull fighting cruel. Why is it still a sport?

Funn Lim said...

P/s Brad Pitt? I don't.

Funn Lim said...

I have to re-read this because of the bull fighting areas in Rome. Technically true but more in Spain than in Rome. Maybe she meant coliseums?

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