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Monday, August 30, 2010

Moses Chan: Spoiled Princess Charmaine Sheh is not hateful

[Takungpao 30/08/2010]

Yesterday Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Fala Chen, Linda Chung, Kenneth Ma, Susan Tse, Susanna Kwan, Louis Yuen etc attended the promotional event for new series [Can't Buy Me Love]. The cast wore costumes and played games with audiences. When Susanna sang the theme song, the cast danced along in the background, creating a lively atmosphere.

In the series, Charmaine portrayed a spoiled princess and created plenty of sparks with Moses. Asked if she is portraying her true self in the series, Charmaine smiled and said that it's all acting, she doesn't have princess syndrome. Will she be worried that people will dislike her spoiled character in the series? Charmaine expressed that an actor/actress must experiment with different kind of characters in order to bring a refreshing feeling to audiences.

Moses highly praised Charmaine's comedic talent in the series. Though spoiled, her character is not hateful at all. Moses was asked if he have encountered girls with princess syndrome. He laughed: "None of my friends have princess syndrome. (How would you handle a spoiled girlfriend?) I've never encountered one so I don't know. If such thing happened, I will try to coax her first and wait until she calmed down to discuss the issue."

The series was coincidentally aired during the Philippines bus hijack tragedy. Will this affect the series ratings? Moses feels that the incidence have affected every Hong Kong citizens, but he hopes that people will learn to relax at appropriate time. It's not healthy to keep thinking about negative incident. He smiled and said that [CBML] can bring some happiness to audiences, so he's not worried about the ratings. Charmaine and Fala also expressed the same opinion that [CBML] can bring happiness with its optimistic message. They hope that the people hurt by this incidence will bravely face the future.

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