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Sunday, August 08, 2010

[Mingpao Weekly 2178] Difficult to withstand high temperature in Hengdian, Charmaine Sheh and Roger Kwok fell sick

(Note: I only translated parts related to Charmaine)

Charmaine Sheh recently seems to have reduced her media spotlight. Actually, she has been away in Hengdian (Mainland China) for the past 2 months to film a series with Roger Kwok. Unfortunately due to the flu spreading among filming crew, Charmaine was infected as well. Even though 2 weeks has passed, she still has not fully recovered yet. However, it was lucky that she did not get heat stroke from filming in the hot temperature of over 40 degree Celsius. On the other hand, Roger seems to show some symptoms such as dizziness and unable to stand straight. He remarked: "Wah! The highest temperature is 40 degree Celsius. During filming, some crew suddenly crouched down, some even felt dizzy. I've also experienced mild heat stroke. They quickly gave me a glass of isotonic drink and I fell asleep shortly. I feel alright after waking up. Another lucky thing is that one of our filming locations is nearby a watermelon farm. You can pick any watermelon you want and it's just RMB9 per fruit. Because it can relieve heat stroke, I bought around 10-20 piece and treated the whole filming crew!"

Mentioning Charmaine, there's hardly any news at all despite the latter being called a rumor queen. Roger joked: "The paparazzi are getting lazier. They're not doing their job at all. Maybe because everyone consider us as safe partnership." They get along very well; to the extend of Charmaine shaving his head for the series. Charmaine said: "Roger said that it his first time shaving bald. Since I haven't shaved anyone's head before, therefore I helped shaved some part. It's really fun." Later, Charmaine will be filming a new TVB series. Her character is like the female version of 'Ah Wong'. "I will portray a girl with mental capacity of a 10 year old. I asked advise from Roger on how to grasp this type of role."

Do not repost. Mag scan credit to ffidd from KuangaiTVB BBS.

Meanwhile, please vote for Charmaine and Han Hyo Joo (Korea) at Seoul Drama Awards 2010!

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