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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Charmaine Sheh imagined [Can't Buy Me Love] ratings reaching 40 points

[Source: Wenweipo, The Sun, Apple Daily, Mingpao, Sina 22/08/2010]

TVB new series [Can't Buy Me Love] will be aired on Monday. Yesterday its cast members gathered in TVB Ancient City to kick off the promotional activities. The venue was decorated in traditional wedding theme; holding a 'wedding ceremony' for the three couples in the series. They are Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh, Kenneth Ma and Fala Chen, Linda Chung and Raymond Wong. They were bickering and teasing each other when they appeared and exchanged wedding wine toast. Linda even carried Raymond on her back, making the atmosphere very lively.

Moses and Charmaine expressed that they have confidence in the series. Moses praised Charmaine for her comedic talent and excellent performance in the series. He indicates that the series feels like a mash up between [Addam's Family] and [My Sassy Girlfriend]. He believes that audiences will like it.

Earlier there was a report saying that Moses introduced a mainland girl to Kevin Cheng. The girl even stayed overnight at Kevin's home. At this, Moses feels a bit strange and later found out that he had worked with the girl in an advertisement before. However they did not keep in contact. He stressed that he did not introduced the girl to Kevin and he is not a matchmaker.

As for Charmaine, she appeared to be delighted when she heard about her rumored boyfriend Kevin and the mainland girl. She laughed: "So happy? I know that this incident leaves plenty space for imagination. I believe there is platonic friendship between opposite sex. However I'm unsure of their relationship. (Will you ask him?) I will call him to gossip about it. (The girl was introduced by Moses?) I don't know, you guys should ask him! (Then what did you imagined?) I imagined [Can't Buy Me Love] rating reaching 40 points."

What about Moses statement of drawing a line with her? Charmaine smiled: "I have always been saying that, of course I agree with what he said. (Will you be unhappy with Moses being too harsh?) The Moses I know takes care of others' feelings; he is not a harsh person." Charmaine expressed that she is not afraid of further rumors as it's not in her control anyway.

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