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Friday, August 13, 2010

[Can't Buy Me Love] TVB trailer 4

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Once upon a time in Dynasty Tang:

The gentlemen are valiant and sophisticated
The ladies are virtuous and gentle...

Sharon: Fu Ma, come out here!

The roles are reversed, imbalance of gender…

Linda: Are you looking for me?

Raymond: Don't come near, or I'll scream!

Fala: You pervert!

Kenneth: I'm a government official!

The conclusion: Princesses are the ultimate bosses, don't hope for a harmonious relationship

Moses: Even our backsides (thanks hyn5!) are unhealthy...


Lol... henpecked Fu Ma(s). Raymond get 'molested' by Linda, Edwin applying cosmetic powder, princesses bullying their husbands in royal court...

Important: Please vote for Charmaine and Han Hyo Joo (Korea) at Seoul Drama Awards 2010!


hyn5 said...

No problem, sehseh!

The quality of the fourth clip is clearer, but the audio is off.

sehseh said...

It's a persisting problem for pc who can't play HD clip (.mkv file). The video and audio doesn't sync.

My home pc can't play HD clip without lagging, but it's perfectly fine for my powerhouse office computer :P

sehseh said...

I wanted to upload them to dailymotion, which will convert to mp4 - just like youtube, but it has to be redirected to the clip link. Very troublesome...

hyn5 said...

That's too bad, but great quality though.

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