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Monday, August 16, 2010

[Can't Buy Me Love] official TVB site


Charmaine Sheh as Princess Chiew Yeung

Personality: Spoiled, arrogant, stubborn, willful, strong, brave and decisive. When encountering injustice, will fight tooth and nail. Will plan for own happiness.

Background: Chiew Yeung is the daughter of Emperor Tang Tai Zong and a commoner lady. She was only fetched to the royal palace at the age of 6. Naturally she was doted on since young, enjoying life amidst great wealth and luxury. To her, money can solve anything. Everyone only care about money. Chiew Yeung has not left the royal palace for many years. She looks down on men, seeing how men in palace are cowards who only rely on flattery.

Chiew Yeung and Do Luk become acquainted due to a misunderstanding. To avoid marrying to Tufan (Tibet), she chose to marry into Gum family and become a bickering husband and wife with Do Luk. Chiew Yeung arrogant and domineering ways made Gum family to unite against her. Do Luk want to assert his authority as a husband and even argued his way into Emperor Tang Taizong court, complaining about Chiew Yeung's faults. Chiew Yeung feel dissatisfied and started to fight against Gum family! After spending time with Gum family, she learns that family relationship is more important that wealth.

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