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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

[Important] Vote: Seoul International Drama Awards 2010

Vote Charmaine as Hong Kong Most Popular TV Actress!

The award is organized by Korea Broadcaster Association and sponsored by major Korean TV station (MBC, KBS, SBS) therefore it is very significant - in fact attended by A-List (top) stars!. Please vote for Charmaine, every day! Scroll to the bottom to learn on how to increase the vote at least 3 fold.

Voting Policy

How to Vote

After you have read and clearly understands how to vote, go to this link:

Important: Use IE (Internet Explorer) as the voting program might not work properly on Firefox or other internet browsers.

For Korea, please choose Han Hyo Joo. Her soompi fans are collaborating voting with us, which they in turn will vote for Charmaine as well. Skip voting for other countries by ticking "No Vote for (Country) Star" box next to each country.

Hong Kong category is at the bottom. Tick "Selection" box under Charmaine's name.

To confirm your vote, please click the huge purple button on the bottom.

A pop up will appear and it should appear like this:

Click on the purple button on the bottom and the next page with short clip will appear. Wait for it to finish loading and the page will ask you to enter your details.

Enter your details as required. If you do not know your country and area code (telephone), try this link:

Enter your city/town in "Search for city". For example, Sydney. Click on the correct search result and scroll down:

Key in +61 (country code) and 2 (area code) then your phone number at the box below (do not repeat the area code).

Tick 'I Agree' and enter the verification code generated on the right side. When you are done, click the purple OK button.

Click on the purple button on the bottom and Tada! you complete voting for Charmaine!

Added: Increase your vote 3 fold! After voting in English page, go to the Korean page by clicking 'Korean' on the top right. Repeat the voting process above - the language is different but the layout is still the same. In the personal information area, enter your name, then email. The last box (3 in a row) is phone number, just fill up to max with any random number. Repeat the same in 'Japanese' and you'll be able to vote for Charmaine thrice daily.

p.s. You may also try your luck with other internet browsers afterward i.e Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc (do not clear your cache, or it will appear as error. Who knows, maybe it will be x6, or even x15).

Remember, you can only vote once per language (English, Japanese, Korean) daily. Voting ends August 26, 2010.


Jessica said...

When I press
Complete the Selection of Stars from 5 Nations and Participate in the Vote
this popped up Incorrect access to page

sehseh said...


1. Use IE only
2. DO not clear your cache or internet history. Wait 24 hour until trying again, or at least after midnight.

Jessica said...

okay, and does it matter where your from to vote because I'm from Canada?

sehseh said...

Jessica, it doesn't matter where your country is from. And if you are lucky, you might win a ticket to SDA :)

Jessica said...

okay :)

Jessica said...

I have a question for voting ends, it ends on August 26th 2010 in the morning 12am or like in the night 12pm, and about the time zone my place is Pacific Time so what time zone is for the voting?

Jessica said...

how many people are lucky enough to get a ticket to SDA?

MyseNguyen said...

hey, i'm in seoul that day, is there possible to buy tickets to this awards? thanks!

sehseh said...

MyseNguyen, I'm not sure about the ticket, but it will be held at KBS station in Yeouido.

Otherwise you may also view the live broadcast on MBC 17:35 - 19:45

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