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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Charmaine Sheh praises Fala Chen, doesn't care about TV Queen award

[Source: The Sun, Oriental Daily 29/07/2010]

Charmaine Sheh series [Can't Buy Me Love] has been announced as TVB upcoming anniversary series. Though the series has yet to be aired, Charmaine is considered a strong contender for TV Queen (Best Actress) award.

On the other hand, Fala Chen has been rising up the rank of leading actress after her success in [Ghost Writer]. In addition, she also took part in two upcoming anniversary series including [Can't Buy Me Love] and [Rosy Business]. It seems that she will be fighting against Charmaine for TV Queen award.

Charmaine, who is currently filming a Mainland China series in Hengdian, could not be bothered with the alleged rivalry. Instead, she is full of praises for Fala: "She is a really nice girl. She is also very hardworking. (Are you worried not being able to win TV Queen award?) As usual, I don't care about winning awards, just leave it to fate. I only wish for a good script."

The temperature in Hengdian was really hot, swelling up to 39 degree Celcius. Over 10 filming cast and crew have been infected with flu, including Charmaine. She recently returned to HK to seek treatment. As for Roger Kwok, he has been showing early symptoms of heat stroke: "It's so hot that I barely stand straight. This is my first time shaving bald for a series. Charmaine personally shaved my hair and she said it was fun."

Do not repost.

p.s. Meh to TVB. Like usual Charmaine is the sacrificial lamb to promote other actresses. Nothing against Fala though, she is a nice girl like Charmaine said.

Meanwhile, please check out the previous post on how to vote for Charmaine at Seoul Drama Awards 2010!

Let's support Charmaine and give her the international accolades she deserves!


Funn Lim said...

She won before right if my memory serves me right? Yes she did, the one where she cried buckets. Is it Fala's year this year?

sehseh said...

Fala won't get it this year. Her series Ghost Writer did not garner the ratings nor hype necessary to put her as strong candidate. She improved, but not that level yet.

TVB has always used Charmaine to hype their younger fadans into leading position. When they wanted to promote Myolie (2006), Tavia (2009), TVB 'pitted' them in with Charmaine in anniversary awards. They do not win the awards in the end, but the hype and headlines generated during the anniversary period is used to legitimate them into 1st tiered actress. So this year will be Fala's turn.

Funn Lim said...

Acting wise Fala is very good but I suppose popularity wise she is not there yet. Maybe most improved? Is she gonna be in this category?

alice said...

I notice the pattern too Sehseh. I agree with Charm, I have a good impression of Fala. It's entertaining to see her as Charm's bodyguard in CBML. Too cute. =)

Advo said...

I too, very much doubt it will be Fala this year - at least, not TV Queen. She's just not there yet, even though I like her tremendously and see a lot of potential in her. If anything, I think Charmaine and Fala are alike in the way that the HK media likes to stir up fake (often negative) rumours/gossip about them.

I don't think Fala, Myolie or Tavia should be promoted to 1st tiered actresses yet, but unfortunately, TVB does lack (contracted) leading actresses (who can lead). I do prefer Fala and Tavia over e.g. Kate or Linda though.

sehseh said...

Funn, seriously?

Fala acting = VERY GOOD?

At current level, it's considered forcible that say she's good.

Like Advo said, I'd say she improved, and have potential...

Funn Lim said...

I find her very good yes. I always thought her accent is a hindrance but when I got pass over that, I find her likeable and in some ways could connect with the audience. I find her improved tremendously and quite consistent, which is why I say she is very good. She has plenty of years to go but compared to many so called veterans I find her refreshing. But again her accent is still a hindrance.

Advo said...

I don't consider her accent a hindrance. But then again, I'm not a native speaker, so I don't really weigh perfect Cantonese as one of the highest qualifications.

Fala has improved tremendously - but nonetheless, she still has very far to go. I see potential in her, and I find her quite likeable, but it's definitely a stretch to say she's very good imo. With that said, I followed Charmaine since DIFIV where her acting too, was quite unpolished. I consider Fala and Selena Li the two most interesting/promising actresses in the TVB younger crowd.

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