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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Billy Scissorhands: Charmaine Sheh brings out the edge in tomboy cut

Note: Please don't keep asking me when [Heaven & Earth] will be aired. All the 9:30pm slots have been filled to Nov, so it won't be anytime soon. Rest assured I will update in 'Schedule' section for confirmed event/series. Therefore, if I did not post anything there, that means it is not confirmed. This also applies for her upcoming filming projects. Thanks.

Caption: Who says you can't be creative with short hair? Combed back hair with hairband, this style is full of movement.

[Source: Apple Daily 17/07/2010]

Coming from Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant, it's unavoidable that Charmaine Sheh gave a 'flower vase' impression early in her career. Long hair with big eyes is the classic pretty girl look. As time passed, Charmaine not only improved dramatically in her acting, she also did not hesitate to cut off her long locks and reveal her true tomboy personality. Hair stylist Billy says that Charmaine is not only beautiful; she is also very intelligent and have high EQ. A girl with both cool level-headedness and hot passion.

Caption: Charmaine's sharp features make it suitable for her to carry different kind of hairstyles. Billy added blue highlight to add layered feel to the hair.

Artistes place heavy importance on their image. In particular TV artistes – when their image has been successfully accepted by the audience, they do not dare to make drastic changes in their looks. From MHK pageant to today's dongka fadan, Charmaine has always maintained her classic 'good girl' look – long hair with big eyes.

Caption: Charmaine cut off her long hair without hesitation. Tousled styling coupled with dramatic eye makeup is a perfect match.

Charmaine has worked with Hair Culture salon for quite some time. Recently, creative director Billy Choi personally took the task and transformed Charmaine into a short haired rock chick. Billy said: "I've worked with Charmaine for 11 years. All these years she has not made much differences in hairstyle, mostly sweet looks. However, as a Gemini, she also has a tomboy side – naughty and cute. Therefore, short hairstyle also suits her perfectly." Billy highly praised Charmaine as cool and has high EQ. When she has problems, she will calmly assess the situation. Like MHK slogan; she possessed both beauty and brains.

Caption: Charmaine had always carried the 'good girl' look. It's a new surprise with her short hairstyle and rock accessories.

Billy points out that Charmaine has naturally wavy hair; labeling them as 'tricky'. He jokes that the hair is as naughty as the owner. First, he had to do reconstruction for Charmaine's hair using different products and skills in order to make them more manageable during cutting process. To create a stylish short hairstyle, Charmaine and Billy spent around 6-7 hours at the salon. He expressed: "Charmaine likes variety, she feels bored of her long hair therefore she wants a change. She has no problem with short hair, but she requested to keep her bangs long. This is because her bangs need to cover the fake wigs when filming costume drama." Charmaine is open to changes; her only insistence is not to color her hair. She prefers full black or darker hair tones as they look more realistic.

Caption: Charmaine has always been regarded as classic pretty girl look. However, Billy sees her as a lovable combination of cuteness, chivalrousness and intelligence.

This time, Billy styled Charmaine's short hair into different types of images. Who said short hair is unsuitable for formal events? For example, Billy styled Charmaine's hair in 'all back' and held them together with a hair band. It's feminine and regal at the same time. Billy expressed that short hair can be cut into different symmetry; one side long while other side is short. Of course, it will be much easier to carry short hair if your face shape is small and sharp like Charmaine's. Actually, people with square or larger face could also experiment with short hair.

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Added 24/7 - More hot shots of Charmaine!

Credit to Billy Choi, Hair Culture


Funn Lim said...

I really like the 1st picture. It is more studio picture than any of her magazine interview pictures. The rest I don't like.

That being said Charmaine looks younger with longer hair, gives her a fuller face.

alicechen said...

Whoa, I totally didn't recognize her here! She looks so chic and different from her usual soft images. Hairstyles make a person's face. ;D

Sehseh, is it possible for you to add like "Release Date - Unknown" to Heaven and Earth? And if people still choose to ignore it, you can do the same too. =)

Anyway, I cannot wait for Can't Buy Me Love!! Unfortunately, it airs a week before school starts! :(

sehseh said...

Hi Alice! Yeah, I will state 'airing date to be announced' :)

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