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Saturday, June 26, 2010

《审死官》 [Justice, My Foot] press conference

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On June 25th, the 30 episode series [Justice, My Foot] held its press conference. The series cast includes Hong Kong TVB TV King and Queen; Roger Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Xue Jia Ning, Yao Yi Chen and a group of rising young actors. Because it was raining when the press visited the outdoor set, the production team arranged for the indoor filming of Charmaine and Roger visiting Dominic Lam in prison instead. In the interview, they mentioned about their romantic storyline. Charmaine joked: "We are supposed to have a lot of romantic scenes, and also plenty of bed scenes as well. Unfortunately he's already married and we are too familiar with each other, therefore we are unable to create fiery sparks."

Though the series is adaptation of the movie [Justice, My Foot], they did not follow the original work except for retaining the major characters' fate and comedic factor. The story revolves around the legendary life of 'The King of Attorney' Sung Sai Kit during Qing Dynasty Emperor Daoguang era. The series hopes to provide reflections to audiences through its rich yet quirky plot. It will take approximately 4 months to finish filming in Hengdian and expected to be released in summer 2011.

Roger's great acting skill acknowledged through his well-known roles in [Square Pegs] and [D.I.E.]. Plus his friendly makes him popular among the audiences. Portraying the 'King of Attorney' Sung Sai Kit, he not only have to investigate, represent and appeal cases; but also portrays personality changes throughout the series. He will be romantically involved with two beautiful ladies. Roger expressed: "The series will not follow the ‘'mou lei tao' (silly) format of the movie version. I hope everyone will leave the shadow of 'Ah Wong' behind and sees me as the skillful attorney instead. Roger felt regretful that he could not take time off to visit the World Expo at Shanghai as he really anticipates the event.

Taking part in the series [Justice], Charmaine was willing to lower herself and accept the role of 2nd female lead. Our TVB Queen does not think this way as she clearly understands that one can shine if they found a suitable role for themselves: "I do not mind whether it's 1st female lead or not, I'm only concerned whether the role is outstanding, for example gallant and intelligent character will definitely be popular as long as you acted the role properly. However, when asked about her scenes with Roger, Charmaine answered in a roundabout way, saying that they have romantic scenes but no passion as they knew each other too well. When replying this she glanced at Roger, seemingly having mutual understanding and do not want to divulge too much about the storyline. Audiences have to find out for themselves when the series is aired.

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Source: Ent QQ, Shanghai Online.

Additional fancam pics credit to rongyouli weibo. This Zhejiang fan actually took time off and traveled to Hengdian to visit Charmaine!

According to rongyouli,the cast have already finished filming outdoor scenes and will proceed filming in Hengdian studios now. Charmaine's part is expected to finish filming around August 20th.

More pics thanks to belltan weibo:

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