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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

《审死官》 [The Judge Goes to Pieces] cast revealed

Series title: 审死官
Genre: Qing costume, comedy
Episodes: 30
Filming: Mid June, Hengdian Studio - Mainland China.

Roger Kwok as Sung Sai Kit
Charmaine Sheh as Man Zhong Mou Yat
Kingdom Yuen as Pan Qiao Yun
Huang Yi Fei as Ah Fu
Dan Li Fan as Wet Nurse
Yao Yi Chen as Zuo Bing Feng
Dominic Lam as Man Yan Dik
Yin Wei as Jiang Xue Ru
Yang Luo Zi as Fan Fan
Xue Jia Ning as Jiang Shang Zhu
(Sorry, cannot see the last cast name clearly)

Since young age, Sung Sai Kit (Roger Kwok) stayed at the home of retired lawyer Jiang Xue Ru (Yi Wei). Due to his speech impediment, he has low self-esteem and rarely shows his talent. One day, he happened to rescue Man Zhong Mou Yat (Charmaine Sheh); the only daughter of bandit leader Man Yan Dik (Dominic Lam). Afterward, he represented Man Yan Dik in a court case. Unexpectedly, he won over his senior Zuo Bing Feng (Yao Yi Chen) in his first court case. Not only that, he gained the admiration of Man Zhong Mou Yat and Jiang's daughter. Zuo started to hate and resent Sung.

Over time, Sung became more famous and underwent changes in his personality. From accepting cases only because it's challenging, he also learns to represent his cases with conscience. However, an old case was brought up and involved Jiang. To save his mentor, Sung resorted to extreme methods. The new court magistrate is none other than Zuo, who uses his new power to seek revenge against Sung. Luckily, Sung has the support of two soul mates. He managed to prove his innocence and Zuo was sentenced to prison. When things seem to have settled down, Sung discovers himself entangled in a bigger conspiracy. With his articulate talent and support of loved ones, Sung set out to expose the truth…

Note: Tentative, storyline/character might change. Only Charmaine, Roger and Dominic character name are translated in Cantonese. The others are in Mandarin.

* Earlier, Zong Feng Yan was casted as Zuo Bing Feng. However, as the production crew switched the role to Yao Yi Chen at last minute. According to the script Zhong received, Charmaine's role was in love with him, but left him after realizing his dark side. July 28, 2010: The character now have love triangle with Xue Jia Ning character, not Charmaine.

* Updated June 15, 2010 Xue Jia Ning will be portraying Jiang Shang Zhu, the other love interest of Roger. She worked with Charmaine before in [Carry Me Fly and Walk Away] as her best friend.

Please give due credit if reposted.

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