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Friday, June 18, 2010

《审死官》 interview clip 17/06/2010

Credit to 新娱乐在线2010 youku channel

Charmaine have to wake up early for make up and hair styling therefore she slept early last night. Hehe... this is a luxury compared to TVB, because mainland production will at least provide you 5-8 hours of rest daily. Charmaine's character is the daughter of a bandit leader, therefore there will be a lot of action scenes. Don't worry, they hired a stunt double for her.

Not a fan of the hairstyle and costume, hopefully it will improve when she became Mrs Sung ;)

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1 comment:

alicechen said...

Gosh, Sehseh, Charm is really plagued with the blunt bangs huh? I love her side curly bangs in HSDS & FFSM!! :(

Hope it gets better!

Thanks for the news and translation of the magazine! ^_^

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