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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

[i-Weekly Issue 659] Who dares to challenge?

Supremacy above all - Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Wayne Lai

There will always be outstanding people in every television generation.
This era belongs to them.
From the stormy deserts to the inner palace infighting, the TV Queen paved an arduous path to success.
Lavished with love and attention, the TV siusang reinvents to become an all-round idol.
Joining the showbiz for 25 years, he kept on sharpening his skills and finally become acknowledged as brilliant actor through 'Chai Gau'.
Supreme above all, they command the turbulent TV world.
Each dominates a piece of TV universe.

Your Elusive Mind (Heart)

Being the most popular TV actress in Hong Kong at the moment, her rumors also get increasingly colorful as her fame grows.
Currently at the height of her career, only she truly knows how it feels to be at the top.
A lot has changed. The environment, and including people's feelings.
The expression – sometimes warm, sometimes cold. There can be a lot of changes even in a split second during contemplation.
Earlier this year, she mentioned that dating hinders her career. At the same time, she expressed in blog (TVB) that she hopes to find Mr. Right.

All women are fickle.

Female themed story. A dream in movies.

After one conquers the TV world, it's time to move on to filming movies.

Appearing in movie [72 Tenants of Prosperity] earlier this year, she held the cameo role of a mean landlady. Though she doesn't have much screen time, it still brought surprises the audiences.

"Actually I always had an interest in filming movies. However, the company (TVB) main production is television series. Almost 90% of my time are invested in series and my schedule is really packed. It will be great to have an opportunity in filming movies. My future goal is to film a good movie, perhaps a theme about the realities of society. Whom do I wish to work with? Cast wise, it will be Maggie Cheung. I really like her movies.

As for director, Zhang Yi Mou. He really knows how to express Chinese traditional values through movies. He can also grasps the true feelings of women accurately. His female themed movies are especially good to watch. However, all these cannot be arranged on my own. Me filming movies depend on fate."

Intolerable Anger

She has always been immune to negativity. Experiencing all sorts of rumor, she rarely makes any big reaction. The recent rumored partner is Moses Chan, and she took unprecedented action by hiring lawyers to sue the media in court.

"I'm an optimistic person. When I first joined the showbiz, I was unhappy about it (the rumors). After a long time, I finally understand one philosophy – I can't control other people, but only I can control myself. Experience will help you overcome problems. I will not be bothered by the media if the reports are not too outrageous. I do not read magazines because I chose not to. The world is more beautiful this way. The report about me and Moses is too outrageous. It's not convenient for me to discuss right now as my lawyers are handling the case. I definitely hate fake news that maliciously damages my image. For the things that never happened, they can write so creatively. How can I not be angry?"

Iron Lady of TV Series

This 35 years old woman worked continuously since joining showbiz, filming one series after another. However, her mother's serious illness in 2006 caused her to slow down. Mentioning about her mother, Charmaine’s tone became more relaxed and cheerful.

"I took a summer holiday last year and returned to USA to accompany my mother. In the past I can keep on filming throughout the year, but now I must take at least a month leave to accompany her. She's getting older therefore we don't know how many opportunities to do so in the future. I want to cherish every opportunity being together with her.

Her cooking is really delicious. She also loves to try out new recipes when she is free. If she tasted something delicious at a restaurant, she can recreate the same dish at home.

She is quite selective when it comes to watching my television series. She dislikes seeing me being mistreated onscreen, therefore she did not watch [Dance of Passion]. She mostly watches comedy series such as [You're Hired]. Everyone thinks that I'm very tough. You can say that I learned this from my mother. I was 5 years old when my father passed away and I never saw her cried once despite the hardship of raising 3 kids on her own. Her optimistic approach toward life reflected positively on us."

Expert among experts

Lau Sam Ho in [BTROC] has 3 principles: Doing good deeds, speaking good words, showing goodwill.

Which 'goodness' does Charmaine have?

"Actually '3 Good' is not that difficult. Even a common person can accomplish it. I do not like to gossip, nor do I have malicious intention toward other people. Of course, being in the entertainment industry, you will be bullied if you are too nice. However, bad people can be bullied by others too. You'll never know because there will always be someone stronger than you. Heh, therefore don't do something bad toward others or being rottenly nice, just because you fear being bullied. I believe in retribution, so I will not harm other people. I'm a trusting person. In the past I end up in trouble twice because I trusted a friend in showbiz too much. However, it's unfair to label everyone just because of one black sheep. There are still people worthy to confide in. If I wanted to protect myself, I will avoid discussing too in-depth about my issues. I feel that it is easier to befriend guys in the circle. The lack of direct competition between different gender makes it easier for us to communicate."

The Best and the Worst of Charmaine Sheh

She enchanted everyone when she came to Singapore earlier this year.
Even from the same gender – a lady friend looked on with envy and praised that Charmaine is really thin and beautiful.
What does Charmaine think about herself?

"Actually, my best qualities are… If I wanted to remember something, I will always remember it. If I do not want to remember, I will quickly forget about it. In recent years, what I remember most are my scripts, I can't recall the others. It's strange, I don't know why but both happy and unhappy moments are easily forgotten. The worst that could happen to Charmaine Sheh are having bad appetite and not getting enough sleep. It's common to work nearly 20 hours daily from morning to late night. Lack of quality sleep affects me the most. We only get to sleep 4-6 hours daily. That's why our lighting master is very important*, we must find out ways to bribe them! If we are filming outdoor scenes, the cast has to eat from lunch boxes. I guess this is why I'm so thin. Should I consider this as a blessing instead? Hehe."

* A good lighting master will know how to manipulate the light to highlight your features and hide your flaws while filming.

It's him; it's not him

Sensational newspaper headlines made her love life seem so exciting on paper.
The male lead keeps changing. It's difficult to distinguish between truth and falsehood.
As transient as a fleeting cloud, true love is hard to find. It's even harder for a well-known lady to look for true love. Are men afraid to pursue her due to her superior conditions?

"I really don't know. Frankly speaking, I'm not as popular as I use to be. Hehe. Maybe others will think: It's impossible that you don't have a boyfriend; it's impossible for us to be together; it's impossible that you will consider me. Actually it's them who think too much. Women need someone who loves and cherishes them. I personally feel that age, profession and looks is not that important. The most important is communication. If you can't communicate well, how can you spend the rest of your life together? If you feel natural and happy together, then that is the best condition. What attracts me the most in a man is his ambition toward his career. He must be hardworking. I don't like those who came from wealthy background, but do nothing and play around. I also like men who are humorous and fond of children. Because I'm fond of children myself."

Kindergarten Headmistress

Unexpectedly from someone as workaholic as her, Charmaine does not wish to become forever Ah Jie like Liza Wang.

"I really want to open a kindergarten. I really wish to fulfill this dream of mine. However, it needs a lot of time to learn and manage. Perhaps I can only do this if I stopped filming series; therefore it's not something I can accomplish in coming few years. Children are really adorable. Yes they are noisy, but they can't control themselves. This also shows their pureness. Playing with them is very relaxing. I have plenty of godsons and goddaughters. Though I'm busy, I will meet and bring them gifts whenever I'm free. Seeing their happiness, I feel happy too."

Epilogue: The Ups and Downs

I (reporter) met Charmaine Sheh 4 times.
Every time, the impression is always unanimous. The moment she appeared, she is calm and poised. She naturally carries the energy that command attention. Everyone will subconsciously want to sit up straight and lower their voices.

Unlike other artistes who will usually smile and make small talks to ease the atmosphere, this Ah Jie has high tolerance toward chilly pause.

However, her professionalism is not to be doubted. On the evening of the photo shoot, Charmaine has just arrived in Singapore after completing consecutive overnight filming for two television series. But as soon as the photographer starts clicking the camera, she starts putting her best foot forward.

Was she misunderstood? Or she simply does not with put up defense this moment, or due having a good sleep last night... or was it because we can't see her via the phone? This interview is the most relaxed one to date. It's the first time feeling Charmaine as really nice and warm. At the end of the call, she even warmly wished: "All the best."

Do not repost. Any unintentional mistake(s) is regretted.

Raw scans credit to Shuyi and Xenia.


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