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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cute [BTROC] animation clips

Clip 1: 美人计 Beauty scheme

Clip 2: 调虎离山计 Luring the tiger out of the mountains

The cute animation clips above are created by Zhejiang TV to promote [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] vs World Cup which is currently airing at their late night slot, hence the slogan "男人的世界杯,女人的 《宫心计》".

Please credit ZTV (Zhejiang TV) and me if reposted. Thank you.


hyn5 said...

Ha ha.... I saw this on :) The anime is so cute! :D

sehseh said...

hyn5, these are clear individual versions. I already posted these animations clip a few days ago in previous post, but they're not so high quality and came attached with interviews, ads etc.

And for the record, I didn't get this high resolution clip from :P

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