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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Charmaine Sheh sues 《3 Weekly》 magazine for defamation

[Source: Apple Daily, Mingpao, Oriental Daily 05/06/2010]

On 11th February 2010, SC Media tabloid magazine 《3周刊》 (3 Weekly) published a cover story with headline: "Moses Chan secret rendezvous with Charmaine Sheh, Bernice Liu discovered (them) at hotel", using random photographs as content. In addition, its website published a similar article, which also contained defamatory contents.

Yesterday, Charmaine's lawyer went to high court to sue the article as defamatory and issued restraining order against 《3 Weekly》 and its website from continuing to publish related articles. She is also seeking damages claim against them. The defendants are Chief Editor Ngai Sei Hoi and the publishing company Yiu Wing Investment Ltd. As of yesterday, 《3 Weekly》 already removed the article from their website.

Please do not repost.

Finally! Hope 《3 Weekly》 get what their deserves for publishing rubbish. Let this be a lesson for other tabloids, don't overstep the boundaries.

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