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Sunday, June 06, 2010

[BTROC] @ Zhejiang TV press conference

Charmaine, Moses & Susanna

Credit to Ent Sina

Wedding bells for Charmaine?

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Cute BTROC animation clip 1

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Credit to Zhejiang TV

Charmaine's interview + Cute BTROC animation clip 2

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Credit to Zhejiang TV

Added 7/6/2010 ZJTV clip
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TVBE 06/06/2010
Credit to 佘家貓貓

[Source: Sina, Ent.163, Zhejiang Online, Morning Post, 05/06/2010]

From June 9th onward, Zhejiang Satellite TV will be broadcasting TVB grand production [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] exclusively in Mainland China. The series consisted of TVB mega stars such as Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Michelle Yim, Tavia Yeung, Susanna Kwan etc. On 5th June Moses, Charmaine and Susanna arrived in Zhejiang to meet the press and fans.

TVB 1st Brother and Sister?

After the corruption scandal involving TVB ex-General Manager Stephen Chan, it seems that the rivalries among TVB artistes has worsened, similar to [Beyond] palace infighting. Speaking of the different camps in TVB (派 - Virginia, Catherine, Tommy, Stephen etc), Charmaine replied humorously: "We don't have pies in TVB, but I personally love apple pie." (Pie sounds the same as 'pai', the pinyin for 派)

There were even rumors of discord between Charmaine and Tavia Yeung due to fighting for 1st Sister position (haha!). Charmaine expressed that there is no discord between them: "We are good colleagues, good friend. This time, I'm portraying a good character, while she is portraying a villain. Some people has more screen time, some people has lesser. The most important thing is the self sacrificing spirit to achieve the best result. We are all optimistic people and would not calculate too much. About rivalries, people in drama died from fighting, but no one's died in our company. Though not everyone can speak what's truly on their mind, but at least we can treat others sincerely."

Regarding the question of who is TVB's 1st Brother and Sister, Charmaine pointed to Moses and Susanna sitting next to her. Moses expressed that there is no such thing as 1st Brother and Sister after Gallen Lo left TVB. Reporters asked them to comment about the rumor of TVB aggressively promoting Raymond Lam as 1st Brother. Charmaine said: "He is 1st Brother! He is very talented, therefore please stop writing negative stuff about him. He worked very hard to achieve where he is now."

Mentioning of filming series in Mainland China, all three of them expressed keen interest. Charmaine said: "My favorite director is Zhang Yimou, I really look forward to the opportunity of working with him."

Getting married

In the tudou clip, the host mentioned that Kevin Cheng recently said that he wanted children. She then asked Charmaine if she is getting married soon (好事近). However, Charmaine mistook the question as she has been doing good lately and consider adopting. So she answered "We always do good (做好事). Don't you do good things too? I haven't considered about children though." She only realized the blunder when host explained her question. Charmaine clarified: "I don't have a boyfriend. About having children, you should ask Kevin instead, since he's the one who said he wanted to be a father."

Suing [3 Weekly]

Yesterday, Charmaine filed a lawsuit against HK tabloid magazine [3 Weekly] for publishing a defaming article about her (with Moses & Bernice). The reporters at the press conference asked Charmaine regarding the case update. Charmaine expressed that she has left the matter for her lawyers to handle. It is not convenient for her to reveal the damages claim and the progress of the case. As for Moses, he expressed that he will not be taking legal action as he is more easygoing and let bygones be bygones. However, he indicate that he will support Charmaine, and warned the HK media not to overstep the boundaries.

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Charmaine rocked in that dress. More pictures of below.

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