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Saturday, June 05, 2010

[BTROC] @ Zhejiang TV promotional events

Today, Charmaine, Moses Chan and Susanna Kwan arrived in Zhejiang, Mainland China to promote [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]. Pictures below credit to 水泽仔, 敏敏0813 and 曉曉賓vip weibo.

As usual, Charmaine charmed the fans and press with her witty replies. One reporter asked which camp (派 - Virginia Lok, Stephen Chan etc) does she belongs to and Charmaine answered that she loves apple pie (pie sounds like 'pai', which is pinyin for camp 派).

The trio also recorded a variety show for Zhejiang TV.

More pics below credit to, 如宝贝, belltan, 阿佘粉丝 and 游游75 weibo.

The variety show will be aired on 8th June, 9:21pm as a [BRTOC] special on Zhejiang TV.

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