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Friday, May 07, 2010

Old pics of Charmaine

Pictures credit to fantachoi. Please give proper credit if reposted.

Found some really adorable pictures of Charmaine in weibo. Apart from losing her baby fat, Charmaine haven't change much over the years. My favorite pic is of course the 1st pic featured in this post. Which one is your favorite?


alicechen said...

Gahhh Sehseh! You have been hiding all these cute pics right? hehe XD

My favorite is this:

Her chubby cheeks were so adorable back then! :)

Thanks for sharing! ^_^

Anonymous said...

I like the featured photo too. My other favourite is the one with the seashell. Now this makes me want to go and rewatch her older series... lol.

sehseh said...

to alicechen, it's my first time seeing the pics as well (except the last one). The pics is provided by another fan, fantachoi in weibo.

hi ee, yeah the expression in that seashell pic is very nice. The pics remind me of DIF4

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