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Sunday, May 02, 2010

[Mingpao Weekly 2164] CBML cast celebrates Moses Chan's birthday

Mag scans credit to ffidd from KuangaiTVB BBS

[Can't Buy Me Love] cast recently threw a birthday bash on set for Moses Chan. Louis Yuen lead the preparations while Charmaine, Kenneth Ma and others chipped in money for the food. They ordered sushi and sashimi. Moses expressed that everyone had a great time and they often take turns to treat the cast members. Regarding his increasing rumors with Charmaine, Moses indicate that he is not worried and they are good colleagues. Everyone know that the rumor is untrue, therefore they can only feel helpless about it. When asked about Bernice, Moses smiled and said he received her well wishes through SMS. Speaking of his birthday wish, he hopes to get married soon, but decides leave it up to fate.

Do not repost.

Charmaine weibo updates

Last Saturday, Charmaine took her two cats Leng Mui and BB out for grooming and shared their pics through her weibo tweets. Seems like BB hates taking a shower, hehe. Screencaps thanks to Jan (because the cute icons won't show via desktop, only through Apple apps).

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