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Friday, May 07, 2010

Have a nice break!

Weibo screencap thanks to Jan.

Yes, Charmaine is officially on holiday break. Hope she will get enough rest and spend some quality time with her family before resuming her super busy schedule in 2010. We won't be seeing much of her news this month, but she probably will attend some events for extra $ as well, hehe.

As mentioned previously, Charmaine will be working on a Mainland series 《審死官》 The Judge Goes to Pieces (tentative title). It is a costume series set in Qing Dynasty revolving around Sung Sai Kit (or known as Justice Sung among TVB fans). Her character nickname in the series is 萬中無一.

In addition, there are speculations that Charmaine might guest star in Yu Zheng costume series, which is also filming at Hengdian in June. Please note that this is just speculation, as YZ is notorious for hinting big names.

After wrapping up [Judge] in August, she is expected to film a modern series with Raymond Lam (cue: squeals from Charray fans). Charmaine's role will be a a mentally stunted girl of 8 years old. In earlier interviews, Charmaine indicate that she is looking forward to this challenging role and has already started doing some homework. In meantime, she guest starred in Raymond's new Mandarin single MV [We're doing fine]. We will just have to wait patiently for the MV to be revealed by EEG.

Apparently, Charmaine will be filming another series in December. However, there is no confirmation of the genre and cast. A small note, please do not repeatedly ask or speculate in cbox whether the series would be FH3 or Beyond 2, because I seriously do not know! The only people who know are the bigwigs of TVB.

Keep posted for more updates (and maybe some pleasant surprises!)...

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