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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Charmaine Sheh handknits to mother-daughter affection

[Sinchew 07/05/2010]

Interviewing Charmaine Sheh under uneasy atmosphere and the watchful eyes of so many people, one can still feel her deep affection for her mother. It's hard to imagine that every Mother's Day; Charmaine will personally draw a card for her mother. She even knitted a sweater for her mum.

Despite the never-ending rumors of her personal life, how was love (relationships) for her? "It was never easy all along!" she sighed.

She even said she really admires Michael Miu and Jamie Chik's relationship.

Perhaps I (journalist) should not wish her a Happy Mother's Day. Wishing her good marriage luck seems to be more practical.

Many Charmaine fans knew that her father passed away when she was 5 years old and single-handedly brought up by her mother. One particular part in Charmaine's previous interview was very touching:

In 2006, Charmaine was at Beijing receiving the award for "Most Popular Hong Kong TV Actress" when she suddenly received a phone call from 'Uncle' (stepfather) saying that her mother had a heart arrest after surgery. The doctors managed to resuscitate her but she is currently in coma. Her stepfather also said that she may suffer from memory lost even if she regains consciousness. That moment, Charmaine was preparing to walk down the red carpet. Virginia Lok noticed her changed expression and quickly pulled her into the car and they keep circling the venue until her emotions calmed down. "I really wanted to cry, but I can't because the tears will ruin the make up. Do you know that when you hold back the tears, they will flow through your nose instead?"

Since that incident, Charmaine began to revise her filming schedule. Every time she finished filming, she will take time to accompany her mother in Hawaii.

How will Charmaine celebrate this year's Mother's Day? On April 24th, she rushed to Malaysia to attend her spokesperson event right after wrapping up the filming for [Can't Buy Me Love]. Afterward she head back to Hong Kong to attend Yushu Earthquake fund raising, and then flying off to Mainland China for advertisement shooting.

She seriously does a calculation and said that she will be able to take a break after May 9th, therefore she will be able to accompany her mum for a vacation this Mother's Day. "Vacation spot? I will let Mum choose, we will go wherever she wants to go."

What happier is her Weibo message on May 3rd: "Having simple life is happy! I feel so contented today, because Mum is by my side." And on May 4th, she wrote a simple "Cheers... officially on holiday!"

At this moment, Charmaine must be enjoying her holiday leisurely.

Drawing cards and knitting sweater

Asked about her most unforgettable memory of Mother's Day, Charmaine said that she will personally make cards for her mother on Mother's Day and also her birthday.

"One year, I bought a beautiful card for Mum, but she doesn't like it. From that time onward, I will take time to make cards for her. Of course, apart from drawing cards, I will also buy her gifts and treat her to meals."

She smiled and said that as her mother keep knitting sweater for her, she decided to knit one for Mum too. She once knitted a red sweater for her mother. "Though it's nothing fancy and have a lot of mistakes, Mum really loves it and keep it until now. I think it has been at least 10 years already!"

Be prepared

"Whenever I traveled for filming, promotion or vacation, I must bring along moisturizing mask with me. It's very important when it comes to make up. If you skin is dehydrated, the make up effect will not look good.

In addition, I also stuffed my pillow into the luggage. I will be able to sleep comfortably with it."

Favorite Malaysian cuisine

"I missed Malaysia's Chili Crab and also Iced Lime drink. They are my 'must have' food list whenever I come to Malaysia. Just know I had a glass of iced lime (revealing a satisfied expression). I also ate a lot of chicken rice. Hehe!"

Pathway to love is not easy

Since Charmaine's 'break up' with Benny Chan in 2006, her personal life becomes more 'colorful'. Apart from having rumors with Ron Ng and Raymond Lam, she was also photographed in the same car with Kevin Cheng. However, they denied any romantic relationship. She was accused of stealing Kevin away from his 'girlfriend' of 5 years; Niki Chow. Their relationship stalled for 2 years until recently a break up rumor. During the filming of [Can't Buy Me Love], there was news of her hitting off with Moses Chan and being the 3rd party between him and Bernice Liu. Her personal life is indeed intriguing!

During the press conference, Charmaine pretended not hearing when Moses name was brought up. Therefore (I) don't dare to mention any of the TVB siusang's names during the interview, but instead asked about her stance in relationship. At this her answer become slightly emotional, "I feel that communication is most important."

"I feel that looks or age are unimportant, but whether two people can coordinate their lifestyle. In a good marriage, being comfortable together is utmost important."

Now, is dating something difficult for her? She takes a breath in and expressed: "It was never easy! Because I don't have enough time and personal space. In addition, I always meet the same group of people because of my small social circle!"

Does she admire any entertainment couple in particular? With hesitation, she replied: "Sam Gor (Michael Miu) and Sam Sou (Jamie Chik). I attended their wedding anniversary party last year and felt that they are very sweet. They sang live band together, it's really happy."

Charmaine expressed that she can feel that Michael and Jamie cherished each other a lot, and they own a pair of obedient children. "Seeing that they are still very much in love, it's something hard to come by."

Journalist's epilogue

At first I thought that the interview will be held in a private room, and not being watched over 10 pairs of eyes. The most stressful part comes from the 'higher ups' (sponsor management).

Really! The interview spot itself is bizarre, which is onstage. A last minute there's even a family wanting to take pictures with Charmaine. Charmaine herself was holding a cute child in her arms, smiling at the cameras. A minute afterward I was ushered onstage and conduct my interview in from of so many people.

Below the stage, some people couldn't get enough of Charmaine. Hence, cameras keep flashing during the interview. Charmaine was unable to relax in our conversation and become little camera sensitive. She had to be on standby mode to show her best condition.

If there's complaint about the interview being superficial, and Charmaine's simple replies – it's none of our fault!

However, there are still two good about Lau Sam Ho; good smiles and being filial.

Do not repost.

I guess the journalist was dissatisfied not getting a true private interview with Charmaine. I do agree it can be annoying when you are trying to engage in a conversation and chaotic people around you are either making noises and taking pictures non-stop.

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