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Monday, April 12, 2010

Veteran actress Nam Hung is a fan of Charmaine Sheh

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Steven Ma recently invited veteran actress Nam Hung on his cooking show [Apprentice Chef]. Nam Hung revealed that she is a big fan of Steven and Charmaine, praising their acting in series.

"When I like a certain actor/actress, I will definitely catch their series. I also like Charmaine Sheh. Whenever her series is aired, I will definitely watch it. I feel that Charmaine's acting is really good. She is also very beautiful. And act very well too."

Do not repost.

p.s. Nam Hung is a famous movie actress/singer back in the 60's. She also filmed some series in 70-80's.

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Funn Lim said...

I absolutely forgot Nam Hung until I saw the VDO.Almost unrecognisable. I wonder when she retired??

sehseh said...

I think Nam Hung retired in early 90's.

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