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Monday, April 19, 2010

TVB8 clip [Can't Buy Me Love] ending filming (SPOILERS)

Note: Though the ending is kind of open secret, please do not discuss in the cbox. Thank you for co-operating!

《公主嫁到》 [Can't Buy Me Love] is wrapping up filming soon. Yesterday they filmed the ending scene of the series. The cast are close like family and they recently celebrated Moses Chan's birthday.

Moses: Wow, they threw a party for me! Just now they revealed the total cost and I went "That's expensive!"
Charmaine: You think it's cheap?
Moses: It's so expensive. I feel a little bad about it.
Charmaine: Everyone chipped in. We ordered sushi and sashimi.
Moses: It’s those higher quality sushi.
(Can you reveal the approximate cost?)
Charmaine: Around HKD6000 - 7000.
Moses: Normally the type we have is not that expensive.
Charmaine: Those HKD1000 - 2000 type...
Moses: I was like 'wow' when I saw the food. Whoa, so expensive. And we can't finish them all.
Charmaine: We couldn't finish them so we treated the colleagues in wardrobe and makeup department as well.
Moses: The ingredients... the scallops are double the average size. And they are really delicious. It's great! Very happy.

(What did Bernice give for Moses birthday?)

Moses: She did send me birthday wishes through SMS.
(Did she visit the filming set?)
Moses: No she didn't visit.
Charmaine: No (laughs).
Moses: I have witnesses. So many people around.
(Then will you celebrate your birthday with Bernice at a later?)
Moses: I don't think it's necessary. Receiving SMS is happy enough.

(Louis Yuen and Raymond Wong are the jesters among the cast)

Raymond: Eh, Luk Siu Fung? (A wuxia character famous for his mustache)
Louis: (Hi) Wu Tit Fa (Luk Siu Fung's friend)
Louis: Look, someone is secretly looking at you.
LHK: Really? Someone is still interested to look at me, at this age?
Raymond: Let's give Grandma a massage.
Louis: Good. Let's do some apple polishing.
Raymond: Oh, someone's filming! I didn't realize it!
LHK: No, no, no!
Raymond: We are caught giving you a massage.
Louis: How can a woman be with two men?
Raymond: My wife will be upset.

(Louis & Raymond then sang the Kam family song. Louis might be a good comedian but when it comes to children, he lost to Kenneth Ma. Louis singing lullaby to the baby, but he keep crying. The children complained that Louis is singing out of pitch. Louis asked the baby's real mother to help him)

Fala: You (Kenneth) are so capable! Especially holding babies.
Kenneth: Because I have experience taking care of 2 nephews before. Therefore I'm okay with children.
(I see that Louis' 'child' keep crying)
Kenneth: Yeah, Louis is pretty bad at it. And in front of so many audiences too. Don't you think so?
Fala: Yeah, Louis gets along well with anyone. Except babies.
Kenneth: No, I think that my baby is quiet because Fala is pretty. He keeps staring at Fala happily.
Fala: Thank you for your compliments. Maybe he was scared of Louis.
Kenneth: Haha frightened by his moustache.
(Then does this inspire you to become parents?)
Fala: Erm, Kenneth asked me the same question. Well I want to have children in the future, but I only want girls. And he said "Huh? That can't be determined."
Kenneth: It's hard to determine whether you will get a boy or girl.
Fala: I like girls. I feel that boys are naughty and difficult to handle.
Kenneth: Actually I prefer girls too. I'd love to braid her hair. Hehehe...

(Raymond indicate that he has found his long term 'food ticket')

Raymond: Linda said that she will take care of me for life after filming this series. Because she injured my forehead with her hair accessories.
Linda: We got overexcited. Therefore I accidentally knocked on his forehead together with my hair accessories.
Raymond: I am already prepared; this will be my last series.
Linda: I will take care of him and his wife.
Raymond: Yes I'm retiring.
Linda: Tavia Yeung and I will be taking care of them for life.
Raymond: Because previously Tavia hurt me here (cheek), and she agrees to take care of me. So now it's better for Tavia, since Linda will be relieving half of her burden.
Linda: Yeah.
(Does that include his children in the future?)
Raymond: Well... maybe they will...
Linda: We might have to.

(Susanna Kwan & Lee Heung Kam admiring the workmanship and details of the accessories)

LHK: Who would have known that I can still wear 'golden pig necklace' at my age. Does that mean I still have to give birth to babies?
Susanna: It signify 'Family with multiple offspring'
LHK: It's not me having babies. But my adopted daughter and others are growing a big family. I'm so happy.
Susanna: The pig is quite heavy, like a real gold pig.
LHK: Look at the beautiful craftsmanship. Real gold is not as beautiful as this.
Susanna: It's cute. Below it are strings of piglets. This means 'Multiple offspring and growing family'.

Please do not repost the translation without giving due credit.

Hehehe... Louis is so funny with his antics. The little girl is Si Wai, the child actress who played little Sam Ho in [BTROC].


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