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Sunday, April 25, 2010

SKINZ event 2010-04-24

Please credit me if reposted.

  • Charmaine have just finished filming [Can't Buy Me Love].
  • Her next series with Roger will take part in June. It is a costume series and they will be filming in Hengdian, Mainland China.
  • The tentative title is 《審死官》 (The Judge Goes to Pieces) and it's a Mainland production.
  • Afterward (post Aug), she will be filming a modern series with Raymond Lam. She will be playing a mentally stunted girl of 8 years old.

My handphone and camera was stolen during the 2nd event. That totally kills my mood to update but I will do so in next 1-2 days. Plus, I have loads of office work to do on Monday.


hyn5 said...

Wow sehseh, you were in very close proximity to Charmaine! :D

Charmaine is going to be very busy for the rest of the year.

sehseh said...

Yes, she is like on turbo charge this year. Wonder why :P

Kenix said...

Very pity to loose ur hp & cam, more money to be spend again... Then u lost the pics and videos for 2nd day event? Ah Sheh looked fresh & active in the video. :D

sehseh said...

Kenix, I lost some pics of this 2nd day event, but that's my back up camera. Luckily my main camera is still with me.

I'm more bummed about my phone. Lost contacts. sigh.

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