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Friday, April 30, 2010

Him Law wishes to be taken care of by Charmaine Sheh

[The Sun, Oriental Daily 30/04/2010]

Starting out in movie industry, the 25 years old Him Law is now developing his career in TV circle. Among the series he acted in were were [Your Class or Mine], [D.I.E. Again], and [Suspects in Love] etc. Though he has worked with several senior actors/actresses, Him really hopes for an opportunity to work with Charmaine Sheh and Moses Chan.

Him expressed that he has known Moses for quite some time but they have yet to act together. He hopes to become his younger brother in series. As for actress, he wishes to collaborate with Charmaine because he really liked her series [Return of the Cuckoo]. Asked if he wanted to be her onscreen lover, Him said: "Being onscreen lovers might not be too convincing. I want to be her younger brother instead, so that she can take care of me in the series. Having Charmaine Sheh as your sister is not bad!"

Regarding the increasing wave of newcomers, Him expressed that he is not too worried. He indicates that the entertainment circle has always been competitive, therefore he will continue to try his best.

Do not repost.

Moses and Charmaine are really popular among TVB's younger batch of actors/actresses.

p.s. Please do drop by Charmaine's TVB Blog to increase her rankings!


alicechen said...

Oh the memories, "Return of the Cuckoo" Charlian FTW!....

hehe Popular CharMo!

sehseh said...

Yeah, kinda missed Chilam with Charmaine.

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