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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Charmaine @ Sina weibo

As announced earlier, Charmaine now have a Sina weibo account. A moment ago, Charmaine posted some personal pictures of herself. It's the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, and fans frenziedly reply/retweet her post, hehehe...

Check out her weibo account here!
Note: You must have a weibo account in order to access.

Another pleasant surprise is that Charmaine will be appearing in Raymond Lam Fung [We're doing fine] Mandarin mv. Below are some drool-worthy pictures posted by Charmaine and Kelvin爸爸 (EEG personnel):

Added: iPhone version of Weibo

This how Charmaine's weibo post actually look like... with icons. The latest one is about her being stuck in traffic jam, therefore she lined up cars icons. So cute!

You can only view the icons via iPhone, otherwise it will appear as weird symbol (like what we see from our desktop). Thank you to 妙曼琪宝 for her iPhone screencaps.

Note: As a reminder, Charmaine confirmed that she does not have facebook, twitter, myspace or personal blog.

p.s. I will not be posting Charmaine's weibo selcas, because my gut feeling tells me that some loser imposter will try to pass it off as 'identity proof'. I can't stop him/her from accessing Charmaine's weibo, but at least I'm not going to get my hands dirty.

Dear all, appreciate your kind attention on my warning post below.

1 comment:

alicechen said...

hehe Charmaine is such a busy Queen Bee this year!! :D

I'm definitely excited for this mv...haha XD

Also did my part as a fan of the real Charmaine! :)

PS. Thanks for the line of updates today (& everything)! Appreciate your time and effort Sehseh.

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