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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Charmaine Sheh's fans lavish gift of a Lamborghini

[The Sun 10/04/2010]

Joining entertainment business for so many years, Charmaine Sheh has received countless gifts from fans. There were two gifts that left the most lasting impression on her. "One fan knew that I love cars, therefore he/she presented me with a Lamborghini model sports car. He/She knew I can't afford such an expensive car! My face was printed on the car and the custom license plate 'SS1'. SS represent [Sheh Sheh] – it's the nickname used by fans to address me while '1' means No. 1."

There's no end on the care and thoughtfulness of Charmaine's fans. Apart from presenting their idol with her favorite car model, another fan created a personalized rubik's cube with Charmaine's childhood photos (and also photos with her mother). Charmaine expressed that the fan is worried that she might get bored during filming breaks, therefore specially designed the rubik's cube to help her pass time. "The most touching part is not receiving the gifts, but their thoughtfulness. For example, every time I hold a fans gathering with Mainland China fans, they will compose a song for me; supporting and wishing me the best. Sometimes I'm so touched, I get teary eyed. Hence no matter how busy my working schedule in Mainland China, I will find time to have a gathering with them. They even said as long as I am happy, they will be happy too!"

Please do no repost. Pics credit to Charmaine Baidu Forum.

Charmaine's birthday is coming up next month (May 28), therefore Malaysian fans should take the opportunity @ upcoming SKINZ event(s) to celebrate and convey their best wishes!

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hyn5 said...

Presents from fans are always very thoughtful! :D I wonder what Charmaine is going to receive this year? :)

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