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Monday, March 01, 2010

[TVB Mag Issue 662] Troublesome Princess Charmaine Sheh bullying 'Fu Ma' Moses Chan

Note: Mag scans credit to Kwan5170 from Please do not repost without her permission. 未經同意不准轉圖, 謝謝合作.

Recently Charmaine's personality has changed into someone overbearing and unreasonable. No one dares to approach her. However, this only apply to her new series [Can't Buy Me Love] where Charmaine portrays a troublesome princess. Spoiled and unruly, she often uses her princess status to bully her husband Moses Chan. His sufferings are indescribable.

Caption 1: Fighting incessantly
Moses was forced to become Charmaine's husband (Fu Ma). In front of others they pretended to be a loving couple but the truth is they fight incessantly.

Caption 2: Finally retaliates
Moses could not withstand being beaten up and threw a cup at Charmaine. Finally he expressed his pent up anger.

Money can't buy love

In the series, Charmaine portrays a troublesome princess who often fights with Moses. Charmaine says: "The princess in the series is very unreasonable and overbearing. However she is also a righteous person. At first she thought that money is omnipotent, but in the end realized that money can't buy love." Charmaine and Moses have worked together plenty of time before this and naturally have good chemistry. Moses praised that her character is really hilarious. "The filming was really enjoyable, the cast feels like family members. This time I will be portraying a bickering couple with Charmaine. She is unreasonable but also unique!"

Caption 1: Unbearable to witness
Moses was beaten up until his face was covered with nose blood, such an unbearable sight.

Caption 2: Dominating vibe
As a princess, Charmaine's expression while scolding others is full of dominating vibe.

Caption 3: Attracting onlookers
As the filming location is situated at a tourist spot, Charmaine and Moses attracted a lot of onlookers.

Caption 4: Skilled martial arts
Fala is Charmaine's personal maid. After receiving order, she easily beats up Moses badly with just 2-3 strikes. She is really skilled in martial arts.

Susan Tse turned over a new leaf

In the series [Rosy Business] and [Beyond the Realm of Conscience], Susan Tse portrayed evil characters. In [Can't Buy Me Love], she finally changes her image and portrays a kind and magnanimous concubine of Emperor Gaozu of Tang.

Caption 1: Changing image
Susan is portraying a kind and magnanimous concubine of Emperor Gaozu, a change from her past evil characters. We believe it will bring a refreshing feel to audiences.

Caption 2: Ruthless without hesitation
Kara appears to be kind and gentle, but it's all fake. In order to maintain her influence in court, she will stop at nothing.

Caption 3: Straightforwardly funny.
The princess Charmaine is often rough with Moses, it's straightforwardly funny.

Caption 4: Comedic talent
Moses role as princess husband (Fu Ma) is an opportunity to showcase his comedic talents once again.

Do not repost.

Extra: Stalkerish paparazzis at work again (Singtao)

The paps found Charmaine shopping with a friend at D-Mop (yeap, one of her fav label!). This must be the 7th article featuring her new E350. Free ads for Mercedes Benz?


Advo said...

"Can't Buy Me Love" looks really funny and I'm really excited for it. Do you know if it'll air this year or next? Technically, it was in this year's sales presentation so...? HAE will definitely air this year right?

sehseh said...

I think Can't Buy Me Love will be aired this year. Not sure abt HAE coz Chik Kei Yi still have Ada's Fly With Me unaired.

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